The Thing


Scare factor: 9 

Fun factor: 8

Replay value: 8

Graphics: 8.5

Sound: 10

Overall: 8.5


Well, I rented this one from Blockbuster and only played it once. The reason though, I must say, that I only played it once is that I also rented Super Mario Sunshine which seemed a bit more entertaining to me at the time. Anyway, on with this, yeah?

The game starts out and yes, it's scary. You're trapped in this snowy place (those who've seen the movie would know more than me) and there's an alien virus that has been killing off the people usually stationed to the post that you are at. You enter with a group of men, some of them with specialties, and you explore the area to complete objectives. You have to help your men by equipping them and including them in the missions so that they trust you more and feel less paranoid about their surroundings. Wouldn't you be a bit edgy?? The game has a lot of controls though to remember. After a while you get the hang of it, but at first it seems a bit confusing. Chock full of lots of menus, submenus, specialized controls, tasks, options, icons, and whatnots...

 The sound effects in the game are really scary. I was a bit jumpy around corners and things, especially jumpy when one of my men walked into the room and shut the door behind them! The graphics were also pretty good. I think, if I recall correctly, they seemed a tad off, but I suppose that graphics don't necessarily make the game. All in all though, good fun after you get a hang of the controls; mind you, I had troubles with the controls on Timesplitters, although most others found it really easy... And I mean a lot of troubles.