The Typing of the Dead


Scare factor: 4

Fun factor: 9

Replay value: 8

Graphics: 8

Sound: 8

Overall: 8


Ok, so this game doesn't EXACTLY fit the criteria to be a "survival horror" game. You just knew I was gonna review it, didn't you? ^.~ Anyway, yeah! This game is really fun! If you are a typing mastah, like I am myself, then you will like typing to kill monsters. It's also really funny because when it shows the cut-scenes all of the chars have keyboards and DCs strapped to their bodies and they type on their keyboards and monsters, like, fall to the ground. It's like they're typing them to death. It gets really challenging with the bosses though because they often want you to type pretty big sentences really fast, so there is a lot of room for typos. This game isn't really scary but it's a lot of fun and you just have to play it at least once!