Tish Dimundbak


Name: Tish Dimundbak (TISH DY-mund-bak)

Age: 238

Height: 5'8"

Race: Demoness

Hair color: Dark reddish brown

Eye color: Red

Occupation: Torturing people in hell

Likes: Inflicting pain, girls on trampolines, painting dead people

Dislikes: Angels, butterflies, bunnies


Tish lives... In Hell. She's a snake demoness who tortures the poor damned souls of Hell. She gets sexual pleasure from watching someone bleed. (Nice, right?) Tish also likes to watch The Man Show. I don't know, you figure it out.

Char history:

I made up Tish and originally she was going to be Lace's sister and they were both going to be demons in Hell. As you can see though, that changed around a bit. My first chars have all been changed from what they were originally going to be. You'll get over it.