RO Server Sites

These are some of the Ragnarok Online site-related graphics that I have worked on in the past. If you would like to see the custom loading screens that I did, check the "Artwork" section. I put up a page featuring them there.

March 2005 - July 2005

These graphics go with a Ragnarok Server I GMed on with Sonicos for a while. Here is the layout I made, the custom CP skin that I made, and some other stuff.

Website Layout

This design is very simple and clean-looking. Actually, most of my designs are. Anyway, the square at the top that is messed up is where there used to be a Google link. The server was funded by Google ads.

Custom Control Panel

This is a screenshot of the custom control panel scheme that I made for the server. It features a custom banner and custom colors.

Custom Updates Window

This is basically what the updates window would look like on the server. All of the information would go in the big box and then the buttons and load status bar go at the bottom section. The magenta color shows up as clear, so it gives the window a rounded look to it.


Forum Headers

These are two different versions of the updated forums header that I made for the site. They are similar, but different, so I figured I might as well post both of them up here.


Site Headers

These are from the old version of the site, when Sonicos used a template for the website (before I worked on a layout). I made some quick custom headers to spice up the main page a bit.

November 2004 - December 2004

These layouts were for a Ragnarok Server that I GMed on for a brief period. The main GM had an idea about making a custom RO experience... Anyway, The server would have taken forever to get to the point where he wanted it. The second layout never ended up getting finished or used because the server went down. This server did, for a while however, feature a fan fic series by Keryil that was really interesting that featured regular characters on the server.

Version 2

This layout was never finished or posted on the website. The box is supposed to be the tagboard. For this layout, I decided to cut everything into a bunch of pieces and put it in a table to make everything into a nice neat little square, this is my first time actually doing it this way. I wanted it to be able to be centered and most RO sites at the time featured small and cute-ish layouts, so that's what I was going for here.

Version 1

I really like this layout, it is a simple columnar design, but the colors are really good, I think. Everything just sort of really pops together. And I love any chance I get to use purple, of course! Again, the blank box is where the tagboard went.