Mourning View Blends
October 2004 - March 2005

This is another blend site that I worked on as a side project with a friend of mine named Kady. We tried to do sort of more mainstream type challenges with a few random other things thrown in that interested us. The layouts were pretty simple and clean mostly.

Version 5: Elisabeth Harnois

Picture credits go here. I am skipping the 4th layout because my co-webmistress, Kady did the design for that one. The only thing I did was code it, she even did the buttons for it and everything. The coding was a simple two-column style with a header, so no point in showing it really. Ahem... Anyways, for this one, I made a layout with pictures of Elisabeth Harnois when the show Point Pleasant was actually on the air. But, then it got cancelled after, what? Two episodes? Basically. Anyways, I really liked this layout though, I thought the colors and textures were really nice that I used for it. The missing square used to be just a vote button, though I can't seem to find exactly where the image for it is. Sorry about that, but you get the idea.

Version 3: The 5th Element

Picture credits go to Jade. When I did this layout, it was more of a concept really. There is a transition in the colors and themes of each section of the layout. I screencapped it here with a widescreen resolution, but at the time, when most people used a smaller resolution, it became a side-scrolling layout. So, as you scrolled from left to right, the images transitioned. I think it gave the layout a lot of depth and made it really interesting to look at and design. I was really fond of this design and it ended up taking a bit longer than the other layouts to code, especially since I hand-code all of my layouts.

Version 2: The OC

Picture credits go here, here, and here. I'm actually not all that fond of this layout, or the show. I'm really not a fan of the color blue, either. I just kinda put this together all quick-like. The broken picture in the middle was a vote button, not sure where the pic file is for that; and the lil skinny broken pics on the side column used to be lil seperator images, not sure where those are either.

Version 1: Maxim girls

Picture credits go here, here, here, and also to other sites but they are closed down by now. This is the first layout for the website. It's not too flashy, just mostly clean layout, I basically use the same setup as I do for my JSB site for this one.