MySpace Graphics

I only made a few graphics for use with MySpace, but I still think they are decent and worth a look. They're all headers except for the one with my name on it. In order from most recent -> oldest.


LiveJournal Graphics

These are a bunch of graphics I made for my LiveJournal page and a few for friends' pages. They are in some bit of an order... Just a bunch of headers and some fixed background images and little things. Some of these I am still pretty fond of today, and [for me] it's almost like taking a dark journey just looking at them... I don't remember where any of the picture credits go, I have A LOT of pictures of Paris on my computer.


On the Images with columns, in the "sister" column, or the smaller one, it would have personal information about me. In the bigger column, it would display the journal entries. I put these in order as best I could.


Fixed Backgrounds

Before I started using headers, I was using fixed backgrounds. You would set the background to stay on a certain side/corner of the web browser screen, and then the content would appear on the other side.


Userinfo Pictures

It used to be normal that on LiveJournal you would have a bunch of images on what was called your "userinfo" page. It was basically like a profile and people would post profile-related graphics or post links to other websites and things like that. These are the images that I would put at the top of everything else on my userinfo page.