Jill's Shack Blends
March 2004 - May 2005

This was the main project that I have done, it was a blend contest website (basically graphic design contests), and became one of the more popular ones, actually. I mostly specialized in contests related to J-music, pop and rock, mostly. One of the things I tried to do was to have interesting challenges that used pictures that no other site was using. Especially since most blend sites used the same pictures over and over. Also note that it was one of the longer-standing blend sites. Near the end of the website, it was co-run with Jade. We tried to make the layouts small enough to fit smaller resolutions. Here are screenshots of the various layouts that were made for the website.

Note that the "vote" and the "JSB critique" buttons are animated on most of these layouts (excluding the first 5 layouts). Also, on the last few layouts, the empty boxes used to be tagboards, which is also something that other sites didn't usually have either.

Version 14b: Tomiko Van

Picture credits go here. This layout is one in a pair. Me and Jade both did layouts for one challenge set. I did this particular layout. I used a font that had pictures of girls in it to make the background.

Version 14a: Ayumi Hamasaki

Picture credits go here. Jade did this version of our two-layout combo. We both did pink layouts, so that the pages could share layout colors, to make things less complicated.

Version 13: Mana-san 2

Picture credits go here and/or here. I did this layout, it features Mana (again). I just love using pictures of him for different projects, and I hadn't done a challenge or layout of him in a while, so I decided to bring it back. I used some swirly brushes that I really liked on this one for the JSB lettering, and for the little corner details. Used some paper texturing on the boxes.

Version 12: Tatsurou

Picture credits go here and/or here. Jade did this really cool layout, featuring Tatsurou (lead singer of MUCC).

Version 11: Kami-sama

Picture credits go here. You know I had to do a Kami layout! I made it so that it looks sort of faded and dreamy, and I used a papery texture on the main box. Colorful butterfly detail done with a brush that I made. Almost reminds me of a scrapbook.

Version 10: Totchi

Picture credits go here and/or here and/or here. These pics are from my fave photo shoot featuring Totchi, and he's my fave member of DeG! :3 He's sew kewt! I used a mix of colors for this one, focusing on my fave color, purple!

Version 9: Schwarz Stein

Picture credits go here. Incase you don't know who Schwarz Stein is, they are were one of Mana's bands. He wasn't in it, but they were on his record label (I think). Anyway, the members' names are Hora and Kaya. They both did their own solo projects after the band. This layout was very shiny and pretty. :)

Version 8: Dir en Grey

Picture credits go here. You know I had to do a Diru layout! This layout is very grundgy and reddd. Lots of scratchies and dodgey textures. Loves it. :)

Version 7: Gackuto-san!

Picture credits go here and/or here. Yay Gackt! Again, very red. But, you know with the way that these photos are done that the colors go together with them. I tried to mix and match a few text effects/fonts with this. I love doing the word art on my projects. During this layout, my website was #1 on the blend top list. Me and Ash were the top 2! Go us!

Version 6: Aya

Picture credits go here and/or here and/or here and/or here. Jade did this layout, featuring Aya of Psycho le Cému. He's my fave member of the band! I love the pretty Asian boys. :)

Version 5: Nao

Picture credits go here and/or here and/or here. Yay, Nao is my fave member of Kagrra. :) How embarrassing that there is a typo in this screenshot... That's unfortunate, especially since I'm obsessive about that sort of thing.

Version 4: Mana-san 1

Picture credits go here and/or here. Two of my favorites: Mana and purple. This is an old screenshot, and at the time I had resized it to this size, so it isn't in its full quality, but you can still get the idea of what it looks like.

Version 3: Ayu "Real Me"

Picture credits go to me, for taking the screenshots. I did quite a few music video challenges on my website, and for this challenge set, my headliner challenge featured screenshots from the "Real Me" video by Ayumi Hamasaki. In fact, all the challenges during this layout were of music videos. Again, this is an old screenshot, so poor quality. This was when I started only keeping each layout up for one challenge set. Where the main challenge would be featured in the layout.

Version 2: Myv

I don't have the links for the picture credits here, at this point my hard drive had crashed. Anyway though, this is only my second layout for the website. I tried to change it up a bit here, because as you can see with the first one it was just a basic 2-column layout. So, I thought this design was "fancy". Which, for the time, sure it may have been. Features Miyavi, which who doesn't love him? The graphical quality of my design is still there, albeit my text art may be a bit off. Again, old image, poor quality.

Version 1: Hikki

Don't have the pic credits info for this layout, either... The birth of JSB! Let me tell you, I thought this layout was the shit. I thought it was so cool-looking and everything. All it really has is some square texture brushes over it, which I may have gotten from Cari (clickitgirl.net) and some blended pics [of Utada Hikaru] together, with a really rich red color. The downgraded quality of this screenshot really doesn't show the red like it is meant to look. But anyway, there ya go!