Jill's Lollipop Shack
Sometime 2003 - May 2012

This was my personal website and it went down because the person I was buying my hosting (and domain name) through was caught up in this big thing with child pornography in Ireland. And so, all of the web servers and everything was seized as evidence. When I bought my actual domain name from him, I didn't realize that in the contract it read that the domain name would belong to him, so when I paid him for it he registered it under his name. To top it off, the place he was buying domain names from was Enom. I tried contacting them, and the FBI, and I eventually gave up. I don't know when or if I would ever be able to get ahold of the domain name www.jills-shack.com again, so I started up gravediggers.us... Now we're back, though, as you can see!


Version 8: The Evil Within

I never got to properly premiere this layout! What a shame! I really liked it, very clean concept and nice lettering. Anyway... I am very excited about the new Shinji Mikami masterpiece The Evil Within. I have been following it ever since it was originally announced as "Project Zwei".It is almost a religious experience for me, as much as anything can be. The layout and enter button are made up of screenshots from the game that I got from Playscope.com, but they can be found all over the internet in HQ. I was going for imagery that would be simplistic, clean, well-placed, and effective. I think I achieved that and I am pleased with the outcome, and I was excited to revamp the entire site... But then disaster struck with the whole domain name thing.


Version 7: Resident Evil 5

This website layout was up for years! It is a great layout though, in my opinion. I put it up right after Resident Evil 5 came out. I tried to do something interesting and have the text play off of the actual game screenshot itself. When you hover over the word links on the side they would highlight red and when you highlight over the different sections of the Tricell logo, they would highlight their correct color and they linked to sites belonging to friends of mine (that are unfortunately not up anymore).

There are 2 screenshots for the website because I couldn't get it all in one shot. I could have pasted the windows together to make one giant screenshot and show everything, but I thought that would look... Unnatural. Anyway, the RE screenshots used for the layout and enter pic are from the official Resident Evil website. Also, I think the blood brushes I used came from dead brushes.


Version 6: De Memoire

I had this layout up for a while, I really like the colors and the way that the text is set up. I think it is a very subtle design, but I usually go for simple and clean compositions, it seems like. I think at the time that I actually did this layout, it was after Moi dix Mois came out with their last album, and Mana has always inspired me.


Version 5: Paris "Can You Afford Me?"

I loved this layout!! I love the whole gradiant thing... I knew when I first saw this picture that that was what I was going to do to it. It came out looking great, but I did get tired of looking at it! The pattern on the bg for the website came from squidfingers.com

Version 4: Jill Valentine

It's just a cute lil layout w/a fun image map. Lucky for me I used an online website that coded the image map shapes. x.x Otherwise, that would have been a biaaaatch... Anyways, though, I really liked this layout. Sorry that version 4 is the first one I'm listing, but I wasn't keeping screenshots of my old layouts!