Bad Blood
February 2005

At one point I had an idea to start up a Resident Evil fan site, even though that would be a large undertaking. I made a design for the layout, made some designs for pop-up windows for it, and took some in-game screenshots. Beyond that, it didn't really go anywhere. The pictures that I didn't screenshot, there's no way really of knowing where they came from because I honestly have so many random Resident Evil pictures on my computer it's ridiculous.

Version 1: Purity Controlled

For the main site layout, I think I was going to have links to areas of the website and to other RE fansites on the side. The content would have opened in the main box and then, from there, individual popup windows would open for the content specific for each game or movie. I was going to have information on characters, storylines, screenshots, and things like that for each game. (yeah, wow.)

Popup windows
Here are a few of examples of the pop-up windows I made. Remember, these were from 2005. Anyway, they were pretty simple to do, I just put a new picture on each one depending on what the game was. You would have been able to click on the words in the pictures and the content would have opened up in the box in each window... You get the idea.