This walkthrough is designed for action lvl easy and riddle lvl normal. As with all my walkthroughs, if I say to go in a certain direction, I mean in the character's perspective, (not the left side of the screen, etc). Key items are highlighted in blue and other items are highlighted in red.

Table of Contents (for easier finding):

1. Lakeside Amusement Park
2. Central Square Shopping Center
3. Evil Central Square Shopping Center
4. Hazel Street Subway Station
5. Underground Pass/Sewers
6. Unfinished Building
7. Hilltop Center
8. Evil Hilltop Center
9. Daisy Villa Apartments
10. Silent Hill
11. Brookhaven Hospital
12. Evil Brookhaven Hospital
13. Lakeside Amusement Park (revisited)
14. Church
15. Extra Endings
16. Extra Weapons
17. Extra Costumes
18. Other Extras
19. HD Collection Achievements

1.) Lakeside Amusement Park

Be careful not to fall into any holes in this area if you want to explore the whole dream sequence. Anyway, first go forward and look on the left side of that wall to find a door. Follow the curving path until you see a light-colored door with some sort of sign in front of it. Go in there and look around. There's nothing really in here, though, for you to use. Just some weird stuff to look at, this time around. Then, go back outside and go in a brown door at the very end of the path. There is a sign pointing to it that says "Mountain Coaster". Get past the monster and go in the next door, or gate, really. You'll want to go past the yellow ticket booth and up the stairs to the coaster. When you get to the top, step onto the coaster tracks through the small gate. (She's crazy, right?) Turn and go right. When a cart starts coming at you, it will end your dream.

2.) Central Square Shopping Center

Once you're in the bathroom, there's a red symbol on the mirror. Those are savers in this Silent Hill game. You can knock on the last stall, someone's in there. Jump out of the open window and turn right. Go forward and then turn right. Go in the metallic door. Follow the hall and go in the door at the end.

Next, go in the double doors with shutters only covering half of them and with light coming out from under them. Go forward and on the wall to your left, there's a green bench with 2 handgun bullets on it. You need to go in the door behind the counter in the corner. Turn right and walk until the path turns left. Go that way and get the shopping mall map off of the bulletin board to your left.

Next, go into that door that says "EXIT". Go up to the 2nd floor. Next, look at your map. You see where the path becomes diagonal? Go into the first door on that path. Inside, you'll find beef jerky. Now go into the last door along the diagonal. Inside, there's 2 health drinks, handgun bullets, and a saver. Also, in the far corner of the room under the cardboard boxes is a key that you can't reach.

Leave the store room and look at your map. Look for the part of the hallway that goes straight southward with a door at the end of it. Go into that door. It should lead you onto a circular 2nd floor balcony type thing. You'll want to keep going forward after you enter the area until you see Helen's Bakery. Go in and then to Heather's left there is a pair of tongs sitting on a countertop. Also, if you explore the room, there's a flyer next to the cash register that Heather can read. Take the tongs back to that store room and use them to reach the "key taken with tongs" from under the boxes. If you examine it, the tag says "My Bestsellers". That's the name of the store out there by where Helen's Bakery is, so go out there and follow the curved path until you find it.

Bookstore Puzzle: As soon as you're inside the store, go down the right side of it. Pick up the books on the floor: Shakespeare Anthology 1-5 and put them back on the empty space on the shelf where it looks like they fell from. You have to rearrange the books until you see a number code on the bindings.
- If you're playing on easy riddle mode, then the books go back on the shelf in numerical order and you will see the randomized code on the spines.
- If you're playing on normal riddle mode, then the books go in a random order; you can kind of shift them around until you see clearly what the code could be. Sometimes, it will look correct, but it won't be. So you have to really look closely with some of the codes, depending on what the numbers are.
- If you are playing on hard riddle mode, then the solution to the puzzle will always be the same. However, the way that they expect you to arrive at the solution is (as expected) more complicated. You have to examine the books in your inventory to see which Shakespeare plays they are, and then check the poem that is by the exit door. The first 5 verses of the poem will indicate which order the books should go back on the shelf in, and it requires that you actually have a decent amount of knowledge about the Shakespeare plays. So, for those who don't, the order ends up being "41523". The sixth verse of the poem by the door will give you instructions on how to alter the numbers of the books (the volume numbers) to arrive at the door code. After you figure that out, the final code is "835z".

Remember the number and move to the back of the room behind the counter. There's 2 handgun bullets on the counter. Use the code on the locked door back there. The door leads you into another hallway where you first meet Claudia.

All the way near the end of the hallway, go in the elevator. Pick up the radio after it falls from the ceiling and go into the next "elevator" which leads you to the evil side.

3. Evil Central Square Shopping Center

A dog will run up to you if you stay where you are. Wait for him and then know that nearly all of the dogs in this hallway can be avoided by keeping your light off and walking quietly around them. Don't worry, you'll find the flashlight soon.

You'll want to walk out of the very short hall where the elevator is and then turn right, follow that hall, and as it turns, keep going. At the end of the hall will be another that meets up in a sort of "T" shape. Once you reach the intersection, there is a door directly in front of you. Go in it. To your right are 3 health drinks in a cabinet-thing. There's an ampoule on the desk in the room and on the bed is a saver.

After you leave the room, turn left and at the end of the hallway, go in the double doors. There's 2 of those big monsters (closers) in this hallway, so watch out; you can run around them. Go forward/right across the way and down the next long hallway, past the pay phone area. Go that way all the way to the end and then turn. Go into the door next to the double doors. Once inside, on the wall near the door there a sign that says to turn out the lights. If you turn them off, it will reveal a source of light in a stack of cardboard boxes. If you look inside them you'll get the flashlight! Also, on the shelves in the room there's a first-aid kit and 2 handgun bullets.

Leave and go in the girls' bathroom (next door). There's bleach in the area where the sinks are missing. In one of the stalls there's a nasty toilet and it asks if you want to remove the blockage in it. If you say yes then Heather will say some nasty words to you. Next, the stall at the end... It seems to still be occupied from the normal side... If you knock on it and then go to leave, the door swings open and inside is a bloody mess!

Leave the bathroom and go left. At the end of the hallway, you can go under a half-way pulled up shutter. Go forward and right. Go under the half-open shutters with the double doors behind them. Next to the door, pick up the hanger on the rack. On another rack in the corner, you'll get the bulletproof vest. It will protect you from hits, but slows you down a lot. I prefer to not use it, personally. Ok! So, if you go behind the counter as if you were going to go in the back door, the door is boarded up but there's a loud crashing sound like something falling and breaking the door open. Leave and go back under the half-open shutters at the end of that one hallway. Go back, past the phones again, and go into the big double doors in the corner. Inside, there's a ladder hanging from the ceiling. Use the hanger to pull the ladder down and go up to the 2nd floor.

Once you're up, walk over to the static TV set, you'll see Cheryl from the TV sets in the mall in SH1. While facing the TV, go left and into the wooden door. Forward, on the pay counter, there's 2 health drinks and handgun bullets. Go through the door at the back of the store (basically to unlock it). In this next hallway, you can only go in one of the doors here towards the south, and there's a closer running around the cramped hallway. Once you go through the door, directly in front of you is the walnut. Go out the double doors on the other side of the room. You're back in the main area by the escalators. To your right there's a saver.

Head up the escalator to the 3rd floor and turn off your flashlight so dogs don't see you. Go through the double doors to your right and take the cooked key out of the stomach of the cooked dog on the diner's table. Then go around the counter and on the wall, to the left of the door, there's a health drink and a first aid kit.

Go back down to the second floor and through the doors next to the saver. Go through the jewelry store and go through the only locked door in the hallway (it's the eastern most door in the hallway) by using the cooked key. Once inside, there's 2 health drinks on the shelf next to the door. If you continue to walk around the counter, there's a steel pipe in the corner next to the edge of the counter. The next set of doors leads you to the center circular area of the 2nd floor map. Go south east and through the brown double doors. Go through what looks like a small archway and get the detergent off of the sink. Go through the next door and when you come to the end of the hallway, use the switch to turn the fan off. Then go into the door on the left. If you try to go further down the hallway, there's moths or something and you can't pass, so what you have to do is mix the bleach and detergent together and use that to kill them. Turn the fan back on and now you can proceed down the hallway. Follow the curved path and when you reach the green door, go in the brown one next to it. Inside, there's beef jerky and 3 handgun bullets.

Leave and keep following the hall. When you come to the T-intersection, turn right and go in the brown door. Go through the double doors and there is only one set of white double doors that you can enter. There's a save point on the wall and there's a vise on the strap-down bed. Use the vise to crack open the walnut which has the moonstone inside of it.

Go back up to the 3rd floor and straight across from the escalators, there's an ominous door with a moon symbol on it. Read the passage and use the moonstone to unlock it. In this next area, go down the ladder.

**BOSS FIGHT (Splitworm)** Down here you have to fight your first boss. Basically, all you have to do is shoot it in the face when it splits open. You definitely do not want to try to melee this monster. If this isn't your first play through, you may even have a more powerful gun to use, but the handgun will work. If you are playing on easy mode it doesn't take very long to kill and you don't have to shoot it that many times either.
- If you are playing on normal or even hard mode it will require more caution. It will come out of one of 3 possible tunnels. Sometimes it will do an earthquake-type bashing attack, that will make Heather off-balance. What you'll need to do is stay back from the tunnels and try not to stand directly in front of the monster. You can shoot into its open face/mouth from an angle just fine. However, if you are in front of it, it could bite you and cause a lot of damage (or instant death if you are on hard mode). Also, it might be advantageous to use strafing against the back of the area so that you can keep your aim forward while moving back and forth.

After everything turns normal again, go under the half-open gate-thing and go down that hall and into the "Happy Burger", which is to the right of the glass doors on the end. Inside, there's a saver, first aid kit, 2 handgun bullets, and beef jerky. If you examine the seat near the window where Heather was sleeping earlier, she says how she wishes she were still sleeping there. Now, go through those glass doors. You'll have another interaction with Douglas and Heather will head towards the train station to go home.

4.) Hazel Street Subway Station

This place can be pretty confusing to navigate around, just to give a heads-up at the beginning here. Anyway, follow the path and when it comes to an intersection, go right and through the door there. Follow the next path, go left and on the wall there, read the information sign to find out that you have to get on the Bergen Street train on platform 3. On the other side of the room there's a newspaper that you can read on the top of the ticket dispenser.

Go through the open gate next to the ticketing booth and look right. On the other side of the booth, you'll find the subway map. Turn around and go toward the bathrooms and on the top of the trashcan, you'll find 2 handgun bullets. Go down the stairs next to the ticket booth and go right and around the corner. On the wall down that hallway you'll find a saver.

Next, go down the stairs leading to platform 4, and read the occult magazine on the ground between the next staircase. Then, go down one of the staircases opposite the way you came. As you walk along, you should see a cut-scene where that suicidal man's ghost tries to kill Heather. When she's pushed onto the tracks get back up by running to the platform and pushing X very quickly. This only happens if you read the newspaper and the magazine and it should unlock beginner mode in the extra options menu. Beginner mode makes the game easier, you will take less damage, deal more damage, and find extra ammo; however, your final game results will suffer.

Continue running down the platform as you were and you'll find 2 health drinks and a first aid kit on a bench.

Head back up the stairs and try going down to platform 3. (where you're supposed to be going) There's a health drink down there on the bench. If you go to the other side of the stairs, you'll find a gate with a locked door.

Go back up and go down the platform 1 stairs to the northwest. Then, down the staircase behind. There's 2 health drinks and 2 handgun bullets down here.

Go back up the stairs and go across the train tracks to the platform 2 side, go down the stairs and there you'll find the nutcracker.

Go back up to the main floor with the ticket booth on it and go to the southeast platform 2 staircase. You'll need to use the nutcracker to break the door open. Go down the stairs and get onto the beaten-up train car. Inside, you'll find the shotgun wrapped up like a present. At the back of the car are 2 shotgun shells.

When you leave the car, there will be a big ol' insane cancer. But, you can ignore it because you don't need to go that way. Go downstairs and look at your map. Go to platform 3. Once you get down there, move forward until you see the camera angle revealing a door on the tracks. You have to jump down and try it and then a train starts coming. You have to hurry up and get back up, even though there will be split-heads chasing you now.

After you get back up, you'll have to run all the way to the back of the train to get on. There's a saver in this first car. You'll want to keep moving forward through the cars. If you try to go back, you may fall off of the train and die because the cars will disappear each time you move forward. There are a couple numb bodies that come up in the cars. In one of the lit-up cars, you'll find a first aid kit and shotgun shells on a seat. There's 2 handgun bullets on a seat in the next car. After the train stops, go to walk into the next car. There is none! Leave through the open door and there's a saver outside.

5.) Underground Pass/Sewers

Go through the blue door and down the stairs. If this isn't your first play-thru, then the beginning of this area will have red walls that if you're playing on hard mode can damage Heather. So, if that's the case, then you'll want to move quickly through it. Turn right and go through the shutters at the end of the hall. Turn left and go forward and into the blue door. Next, go in the blue door on the right wall. Go forward and down the short hallway that branches off left. Go into that blue door. (a lot of blue doors here, huh)

In this room you'll find the maul and the underpass map on the left side of the room. There's an ampoule on the shelf across the room. If you examine the bloody lockers, Heather has some interesting things to say about them. Go out the blue door on the other side of the room and into the next blue door on the right wall. Down this short corridor, you'll find 2 health drinks, beef jerky, and the wine bottle. Exit out and continue on down the other hall and at the end of that you'll find 2 shotgun shells and a grey door. Turn back and around and go through the big shutter door going east.

Follow the path and then turn left into the door. Go down the blueish hall and through the next door. Turn right and then turn right again and go into the shutter. Go down this hall a little bit and turn into the second right to find another blue door. Inside, there's a save point, 2 health drinks, handgun bullets, and shotgun shells. Near the door there's a heater with kerosene in it. Use the wine bottle to get the oil-filled bottle.

Leave and go in that short hallway that you skipped (the first right). Go in that blue door. On the control panel for the fuel tank inside (w/red and green light on it) use the oil-filled bottle. To the right of the panel is a switch, turn it on and go down the ladder. Go up 2 flights of stairs and through the blue door. Follow the pathway and the long set of stairs to yet another blue door. Jump into the dirty water and run right. Run to the end and go into the blue door to your right. Go up the stairs and through the next blue door.

Inside this room there's a dryer sitting on a chair and an ampoule on a shelf. Pick them up, and then leave and go back down the stairs and through the blue door. Go through the shutter across the way. When you come to the T-intersection, turn left and go in the door there. Inside is a saver, health drink. There's a paper to read on the floor in front of the brown desk and on the brown desk.

Go through the next door. Here, if this isn't you first play-thru and you look at the water on either side of the walk-way it will ask if you want to throw in your steel pipe. I believe you have to unequip it first. If you do, then a lady will come up and ask if you dropped a gold or silver pipe. If you answer truthfully, then she will give you your pipe back along with a gold and silver pipe. They don't do any extra damage and obtaining them is good for your final game score, but using them will take away from your final game score.

Anyway, next to the door, there's an outlet. Plug in the dryer and it'll kill the monster in the water. Go across the bridge and through the next door. Go through the next door. Go across and down the path forward then turn right and go through the door. Go across the stairs and through the next door. Go up the next stairs and then the ladder.

6.) Unfinished Building

Go forward and turn right and then right again. There's a saver on a drum in the corner. Next, go through the double doors. Run around the corner and around the next corner, on boxes, pick up 2 health drinks. You can go in the door at the end of the hallway. Go up the stairs. On the 3rd floor door, there's a sign stating that the ceiling has collapsed and on the 4th floor, the floor has collapsed.

Go in the 5th floor door on the right side of the hallway, go in the bathroom. If you check the toilet, it says it has been used, gross! You can go in the green door at the end of the hall. If you walk down and go around the corner, you'll see the camera angle change. If you examine the part of the wall that is discolored, you'll see that you can hit it. Hit it with the steel pipe a few times and it will crumble. On the ground you'll find the silencer, which fell out of the wall. It makes your handgun or submachine gun less noticeable to monsters, but reduces the damage. If you look around the rest of the room, you'll find a health drink and a pack of handgun bullets. Now, push the dirty hobo mattress into the hole and jump down it.

7.) Hilltop Center

If you look around, there's a hole in the wall. So, of course, go out through it. Run to the right (your right, Heather's left, for once). After you've turned the corner, while you're running, the screen angle will change. Go through the open window. After you realize there's nothing in the room, exit through the door. As you're going down the hallway, you'll see a door with what looks like purple letters on it. Skip past it and go to the end of the hall. In the door at the end of the hall turn left and look at the mannequin with the head, then go around the shelf and pick up the 2 shotgun shells. If you go back around the corner, it looks like the other mannequins got jealous.

Head back and through the door with the purple letters. Go straight. Go in the door with the poster outside it. Go in the door across the hall from you. On the desk, there's handgun bullets and on the table between the 2 brown chairs is the Hilltop Center map. In the desk on the end, there's a drawer can't be pulled out. There's a saver on the back wall. After you leave the room, turn left. In the door on the end at the hall, there's an ampoule and a first aid kit.

Leave the dance studio area and head back into the area with the elevators. You'll notice that one of them is slightly open. Go past the elevators and through the door with the red "exit" sign. Then, climb up the stairs to the 5th floor. After you go through the door, go past the elevators and turn left.

Go through the blue door with the blue letters on it. Turn the corner and then turn the next corner (at the T-intersection). Go in the first door to your left. There's 2 health drinks right inside. In the corner, you'll find the jack on a shelf. Leave and go through the door across the hallway. Now your back in the main elevator area. Go through and through the double doors.

Go in the door in the very back corner. Turn left. Down this short corridor is the screwdriver. Go back the other way. Only one door will open, and inside, you'll find the katana.

Leave the art gallery area and go use that screwdriver to open that stuck drawer on the 3rd floor. (it should be marked on your map) This will give you the rope. Next, pry the elevator doors open with the jack and use the rope to climb down. Around the corner, near the stairs, is a saver on a soda machine.

Only one door will open and it's around the corner of the elevator you came in through. Go through the door next to the sign that says ECHO. There is nothing in this room, but beef jerky in the back. Go through the door in the back. Go through the metal door next. Examining the bathtub triggers the world transformation.

8.) Evil Hilltop Center

Go through the door and pick up the handgun bullets on the wheelchair. There's only one door to go through. Turn left once you've gone through that door. Go through the yellow door with the blood on it. There's a picture of Heather on the table. There's a saver on the wall. Go in the next door. Here you'll meet Vincent.

In the next room, to your left are oxydol, a health drink, a first aid kit, and an ampoule all in that medicine cabinet. On the desk, you'll find a chemistry book to read. After you're done, you'll want to go through the next door (it won't let you go back). Check out your map. Head over to the eastern elevator. Head down to the first floor. You'll find a monster and some papers on the floor in front of it. Read the papers. It turns out, it's the beginning of a fairy tale which kind of is talking about the monster in front of you.

Turn around and go back, past the elevators. Turn left. At the end of the hall, go in the door to the left. It would appear that you're in a sort of bar or cafe. Now, go forward and pick up 2 shotgun shells on the end of the table. Next, in the back corner of the room, pick up the pork liver out of the mini fridge.

Next, take the elevator to the 5th floor. There's only one door you can go in (to the west), take it. Turn left. When you come to a T-intersection, turn right, go in the door at the end. On the table, there's 2 handgun bullets and a matchbook. Leave and go straight down the hall. Head through the door with the blue light over it, then through the double doors. There's a saver on the wall and a large painting on another wall. Combine the oxydol, pork liver, and matchbook below the painting to find a hidden door behind it. Go through it. Head down the stairs and check out the papers on the table.

Go through the door, now you're on the 4th floor. Follow the hall right, and then turn left. Go in the door on the corner. Inside, you'll find a way into a separate room with a bed. On the bed is a first aid kit and handgun bullets. Exit and go forward through the door. Then, follow the hallway all the way to the end. Go in that door. You'll see a desk, walk over to it and pick up the silver coin, then mosey over to the soda machine. Read what's on the wall and then use the coin to get a soda, which holds the life insurance key. Leave and head back down to the first floor.

The key unlocks the door on the west side of the elevator area. Go through the door and go left. After you go around the corner, head into the second door and your left. There should be some slurpers outside of it. On one of the tables, (or are those stretchers?), there's the last part of the story. After you read it, the monster blocking the front doors will be gone, and you can leave.

9.) Daisy Villa Apartments

Once you're outside of the building, turn left. Run along the side of the street until you come to an ally-way and turn down it. Go up the stairs and into the building. Go down the main hallway until you come to an intersection. Turn right, there's a saver on the wall, save and continue down the hall as you were. The next door is Heather's. The camera will kind of focus on it. This leads into your next boss fight.

**BOSS FIGHT (Missionary)** This boss is a little tricky to kill because he moves around pretty fast. Also, he will deflect shots with the two blades that he is holding. He will sometimes charge at Heather and you can use these opportunities to hit the monster from the side or behind with the shotgun. Some of his attacks are quite powerful, you really don't want to stay in one spot too long. He doesn't have any insta-kill attacks, but they still hurt.

Once he is dead, you can explore the apartment a little bit more. In Heather's room, you will find stun gun and 2 stun gun batteries. Afterward, you can leave the house and the building. Use the door next to the saver to exit.

10.) Silent Hill

After the cutscene, you will be left in a room at Jack's. There's a saver on the table near the door. Leave and head over to Nathan Ave. Then go south and into Heaven's Night; it's up a staircase down an alleyway. There's shotgun shells on the bar. There's a familiar tourist pamphlet on a table and first aid kit. There's also beef jerky on a booth table. If you have your SH2 save on the same memory card, there's also a poster on the stage advertising Maria. Leave through the entrance and continue to the hospital. Although, if you are trying to get the posessed ending, this is a good opportunity to walk around and find some extra monsters to kill. There aren't many, but there are a few.

11.) Brookhaven Hospital

Go through the door straight across from the entrance. The map is on the desk to your left. In the cabinet to your right, you'll find a health drink. There's a saver on the wall. Leave the room and turn left, go down that hall and into the visiting room. Read the diary and leave. Turn right, go to the Doctor's Lounge. On the table is a file about Leonard and Stanley. Check out the fridge and get a health drink. Leave and go into that hall with the string of C rooms.

In room C4 there's another diary. Also, you'll also notice that, among other things, there's a key stuck to the wall. Leave this hall and go into the elevator, the only button that works is the 2nd floor. Once you're up, go into the women's locker room. There's handgun bullets, nail polish remover, and perfume in here. If you use the perfume it will attract monsters to Heather. Go back to the room with the key stuck to the wall and use the nail polish remover to get the stairwell key. Now go back up to the 2nd floor right quick.

There's another diary and doll next to the double doors. On the wall there's a message.

Second Floor Hospital Puzzle: For each difficulty, the message on the wall is a little bit different. You just have to basically use it to figure out what the code to open the door is.
- For easy mode, you just follow the finger pressing instructions to deduce which numbers need to be pressed. The code for the door ends up being "4639".
- For normal mode, it gets a bit more complicated. It lists out conditions that you must use to figure out what the code is. For the first set of rules, just kind of break it up and use deduction to figure out which numbers can follow the patterns until you get your sets of possible 4-number codes. Then, for the second set of rules, and one by one you can go back and look at your sets of 4 numbers and eliminate the ones that don't follow the rules. You'll end up with just one set of numbers. The solution is "8634".
- For hard mode, it will give you a description of someone eating another person's face. You basically look at the keypad as if it were someone's face and kind of figure out where the numbers would be in relation to parts of the face. If you follow the riddle, then the code ends up being "4896" in the end.

Once you get the door open, enter the hallway and go in the first door to the right. On the table in the back there's a description of the dead man. On the man's arm is tattooed the words "the start time is my key". Head to room M4 and an alarm clock will start going off.

Alarm Clock Puzzle: Turn off the clock and note the time. Go check out the briefcase. The time on the clock is the combination to the case. Put a 0 in front if there are only 3 numbers. The only differences with this puzzle are that in easy mode there is a digital clock, and for hard mode you have to use military time as the code. Easy one, right?

Inside the briefcase is the instant camera. There's also another diary on the bed. In M5 there's a first aid kit, but there's also nurses, so don't go unless you need it or you need extra kills.

At the top of the staircase you'll find your next diary courtesy of Stanley. Go into the room and grab 2 submachine gun bullets. Go back down the stairs to the 3rd floor. Go to the special treatment rooms. The room farthest down has another entry from Stanley. You can go in the 2nd room down, but all that is in there is a waiting nurse. Leave and go to the store room. Inside is another entry from Stanley. He talks about a key in the basement. In the room you'll also find 2 stun gun batteries and a health drink. Also, there's a saver on the floor.

Next, take the stairs to the basement, given this clue from Stanley. When you get there, the submachine gun is by the elevator. Go into the store room near the elevator. To see behind the shelf, use the instant camera. The number is Stanley's key. I got 1734, but I think it's random. On your way back to the stairs, notice the submachine gun bullets.

Back to the third floor. Use the picture's code to open the double doors across from the stairs. In M1, you'll get 2 health drinks. Plus, you get to read about Hope House (wasn't it called Wish House in SH4?), an interesting location in Silent Hill. Down the hallway, there's beef jerky on the bench. Pick it up and go into S7. Stanley left you one last note with a tip about Leonard. Leave and head to S12, Leonard's room. The phone rings, it's Leonard.

Following Leonard's instructions, go to the 2nd floor patient's wing and go through the new door at the end of the hallway, you'll enter a new hallway in which opening and closing gates will lead you to the other side. You'll see a save point, but when you go to save on it, you'll see a familiar video from SH1. Then go down the new hallway. The door leads you into a creepy room, up the ladder's your next door.

12.) Evil Brookhaven Hospital

So, yeah, now you're on the evil side. I think Leonard was playing a trick on you! Look at your map. You'll notice that you're actually back in the 3rd floor hospital patient's wing, only it's different. It's hard to see doors with the alive walls, so use your map to feel around and find them.

Head into room S3. There's a saver inside. Inside examining room 4, there's a hanging body with blood in a bucket. Take note of it for later use. You have to go through the day room to get out of this hallway. For a good time, inside the store room, you'll see a mirror and blood starts spreading everywhere, the door locks and you can't get out until the blood is everywhere and Heather (or Alessa?) in the mirror stops moving. I think in hard mode this actually does damage to Heather, so don't stick around for too long. Actually, in later play-thrus I skip this all-together since you already get the idea.

Get in the elevator and head for floor B3.

Crematorium Puzzle: For easy mode, the oven door is already open and all you have to do is walk up and grab the key.
- For normal mode, Look at the crematorium door to see an etched picture. There will be roman numerals scratched in random squares. It tells you the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th number locations for the lock to open the oven door. What you have to do is look at the gurneys in those 4 places in the room to find the numbers.
- For hard mode, there will be a poem by the oven and also poems on each of the gurneys. What you have to do is read the poems on the gurneys and figure out which people the poem by the oven is talking about. You use the gurney numbers to come up with the code. It's always going to be "9271".

Once it's open, you'll get the cremated key.

Next, you should head over to the 2nd floor. In the woman's locker room, you'll find a plastic bag and health drink in the trash can. There's also a very scary monster in a locker. Creepy! Next, into the men's locker room. Inside the bloody locker, you'll find a ringing phone, which then sings to you. After you leave, check out the glassed-in area. Inside, there's interesting pictures, one of a monster and one of a mouth, weird. Also, the glass drips and you'll hear a child either laughing or crying. Weird. But, anyway, now that you've got the plastic bag, you can get some of the blood dripping from that hanging man. (of course)

So do that and then you can go check out the first floor. Go into the door to the south from the elevator. Read the memo on the ground. It's written by Leonard, I believe. You can shoot the nurse through the fence. Go into the examination room, there's an ampoule on the table. And read the memo on the other table. It's obviously talking about Leonard. Also, there's a saver on the wall. Use the cremated key to enter the double doors to the day room, which leads to the patient's wing long hallway.

You'll see a door that says "Happy First Birthday" next to it. You don't have to go in there, but if you do you will find an assortment of nurses, ammo, and health drinks. I ended up with 2 handgun bullets on a small table. Also, there's a birthday card by the bed, which adds up the ages of Alessa, Cheryl, and Heather. Head to room C4. Save and use the blood on the altar. There's a new ladder for you to climb down. Joy!

**BOSS FIGHT (Leonard)** You didn't think Leonard was a normal person, did you? You can only shoot him from the front. If you want, though, you can also damage him with a melee weapon in the back. When he is swimming and moving around, try to keep an eye on him but keep in mind that he will jump up and attack. Sometimes, he'll lay on his back in the water and splash around. Use this opportunity to keep shooting him. Also, don't get too close to the spinning saw-looking things or you could get killed (I'm not sure if that's on all difficulties, or just hard). This fight could end up lasting for a while if you are on harder difficulties, but just be patient and keep an eye on him.

Leave the room and go into the reception office to save. Then head back to the hotel, where Vincent is waiting for you. After you talk to him, make your way over to the amusement park.

13.) Lakeside Amusement Park (revisited)

There's no map here, but it's not very hard to figure which way to go. Go through the big wooden doors and into the souvenir shop. There's a saver on some boxes in the top left portion of the shop. Next to it, you'll get the roller coaster key. On the big oval table, you'll find a first aid kit. There's beef jerky on the counter. Leave and go through the small wooden door to the mountain coaster that you went through in the beginning. When you get up the roller coaster, go in the little office. There's 2 health drinks on the control panel. Use the left switch to turn the roller coaster off. Then, walk out onto the tracks again.

After you jump down and get off of the booth that you landed on, there should be a door to your left. Go in it. There should be a sign in front that says "Borley's Haunted Mansion". Save before you go inside. Basically, a man talks over a loud speaker in the first two rooms and when he's done, you can leave. In the next room, however, walk holding down R1 or R2 to enter caution mode or else when the ceiling falls, it will seriously hurt you. Now, get ready because in the next hallways, you have to try to get out as quickly as possible. There's a light chasing you. Don't let the light hit you or you'll die.

After you're out, look for greenish boards and go through the little walkway in there. You should come to what looks like a rocket merry-go-round. Find a coppery-looking gate and go through it. Then, go through the next gate. On the bench there's 2 shotgun shells and a health drink. You'll see a stage with raked bleacher seating. Get the red shoe off of the stage and the chain off of the bleachers.

Backtrack to the rocket ride and find the green gate that Heather couldn't open. Use the chain on it and then attach the other side of the chain to the center of the ride. There's a pipe-thing sticking out where you're supposed to attach it. Next, enter the now-open booth next to the ride and pick up the handgun bullets. Then, turn the switch on. After the gate is open, head through to find Douglas.

After the cut-scene, continue on, through the next gate. Go inside the fortune house. On a chair, just inside, is Douglas's notebook. Pick up the doll head off of the table and ampoule off the chair. There's also a saver in here. After you leave, go through the wooden door to the right. There are photos on the ground, past the two dolls. The shadows in the photos indicate to put the shoe in the Cinderella display and the doll head in the Snow White one. Next, head through the door on the tracks (don't worry, nothing will run you over) to the left, and go through the metal door through there.

To the right, through an open gate, there's a concession stand which 2 stun gun batteries on it. Also, it's an old notepad which Harry used to record info in the first SH. Look for a partly-open, pointy gate and go through it. There's a first aid kit on the bench to the left. Step onto the big merry-go-round. There's a note attached to one of the horses, basically it tells you to attack the horses. Use something melee so as not to waste ammo. They'll stop moving and die. You have to do it fairly quickly too because I think that stuff coming out of their mouths can hurt Heather. Once they are all dead, Alessa appears.

**BOSS FIGHT (Alessa)** You must fight the burned body of Alessa, she's trying to stop you so that the "God" will not be born. She goes through different weapons, starting with the weaker melee ones first and graduating up to the more deadly firearms. Each time she changes weapons, she disappears and basically reforms elsewhere so that she can surprise you. You definitely don't want to be shot by her, it takes away a bit of your life (you may consider equipping the bulletproof vest if you're low on health items). In the beginning she will deflect some of your shots, so it may be wiser to use a melee weapon like the katana. I just prefer to use the submachine gun and I like to keep moving so that she won't come up behind me and shoot me.

After she's dead, you can read a message from her. She doesn't understand Heather's resistance. Go through the door. Through the second door there are messages on the wall directed to Heather, probably from Claudia. After you've gone through the next door, you'll be in the church.

14.) Church

Once Claudia is done talking to Heather, you can save on the altar. On the table behind the altar, you'll pick up the "eye of night" tarot card. Leave through the same door Claudia did. On the wall, you'll get the church map. There's a confessional in the wooden door. You can choose to forgive the woman or not. Choosing yes will give you extra points if you are trying to get the possessed ending. Follow the hallway and when it turns left, go in the door on the wall near the barred wall. Ignore the monster and run into the next door. Once in this new hallway, go in the southern-most door. There's 2 handgun bullets on the shelf. On the desk there's the cassette tape and a file explaining the religious symbol. Then leave and go in the northern door. In this hallway, you'll see an animation of bloody footprints walking to a covered door. Move the painting, go through that door, and then go into the door at the end of the hallway.

Open your map. You can only go in the door at the very end of the hallway/ledge area. To the right, on the shelf, is a book. Continue forward and turn left. The "moon" tarot card is on the table in the corner. Then Vincent shows up. He gives you the book: otherworld laws. It tells you a little bit about the seal. If you go down the other row of bookshelves, there's another book that you can read. Leave and run back to the unchecked door in the hallway where you saw the bloody footprints. Inside are paintings and a save point. If you played the first Silent Hill, you'll understand what Heather means about the painting, you can tell she is beginning to remember more.

Ok, save if you need to, then run back to the hallway/ledge with the library. Go in the elevator there. once it stops, get out and go in the door in the north and run straight into the next door. Inside, near the head of the body on the cart there's the "hanged man" tarot card. Leave and go in the other door in this hallway. Look familiar? I believe this is Harry's room. On the bed is Harry's diary and for some reason Heather refers to Gillspie as sweet?! She kind of burned her in a fire... Heather must be mistaken. There are 2 stun gun batteries on the desk.

Leave and head back out to the hallway with the elevator. You can only go in the door 2nd from last in the bottom. In this hallway you can only enter the door on the end. And in here, head to the door at the very end, Alessa's room. There's a saver drawn on the shelf to your left. In the butterfly case, next to the shelf, you'll get the brass key. There's another one of Harry's SH1 notepads on the desk. Cheryl's sketchbook is on the bed.

Leave and go through the other door in the hallway. Run past the monsters and into the door on the other side. In this hallway, you'll hear the crying girl again, who shows you another hidden door. Go in the next door and you'll find yourself in Alessa's hospital room. In the book on the chair, there's the "fool" tarot card. The book describes the pill in the charm of Heather's necklace. There are 3 handgun bullets on the table near the door.

Run all the way back to where the confessional is. You'll notice things are different along the way. Be sure to look at your map if you can't see doors.

Once you've gone through that locked door in this hallway using your brass key, go through the first door in this hallway. In the classroom you can look at Alessa's desk (look familiar?) and a notebook on the teacher's desk. Exit through the other door and go in the first door to the right. (the room on the left is filled with monsters and no items or doors) You can listen to that cassette in the tape player on the shelf. There are readable papers on the table. Leave and go in the next room. On the bed is the "high priestess" tarot card. Claudia's diary is on the shelf and a birthday card from Alessa is on the desk.

Now head all the way back to Alessa's room. This is your last chance to save.

Tarot Card Puzzle: You read the sketchbook to find out how to arrange the tarot cards on the door for it to open.
- In easy mode, the sketchbook simply shows you where to put the cards at.
- In normal mode, there is a basically a poem that describes where to put the tarot cards. In the beginning it tells you that there aren't more than 2 cards per row, and it proceeds to describe the imagery of the cards along with their positions on the door in relation to each other. The solution for this is the hanged man goes in the center bottom, the high priestess goes in the left middle, the fool goes in the right middle, the eye of night goes in the top left, and the moon goes in the top right. - In hard mode, it gives you a diagram w/some letters on it that is 6 high and 3 wide. Basically, each two rows of letters represents one row on the door (there are twice as many as you need). What the letters are meant to be are Roman numerals. But, some of the letters are not Roman numeral letters. You have to combine the two rows together in order going downward and remove the extra letters from the combination. With whatever you have left, you subtract out any Roman numerals that may be out of order. What you have left will match numerals that are printed on the tarot cards, and this will give you the locations for each card. After all of that, the order that the cards go in the door are: hanged man in the bottom left, the fool in the middle center, the moon in the middle right, the high priestess in the top left, and the eye of night in the top center.

Once you have that all sorted out (and congrats if you figured it out by yourself in hard mode, btw), go in the door and run up the stairs. Go in the double doors. When the talking stops and you have the chance to act use the pendant in your inventory to expel God.

**BOSS FIGHT (God)** This is the final boss of the game! And it's a pain in the ass on hard mode! Don't ever get too close to it! What you want to do is keep an eye on the semi circle pattern. Stay outside of that and it can't lash out and hit you. It shoots out flames that follow the semi-circle pattern and then they kind of shoot out towards you. The key thing in this fight is STRAFING. If you try to run back and forth, it will take too long to turn around and go the other way, and you end up having hardly any time to attack, so the fight ends up wearing down your healing supplies and lasting way too long.

When the god's standing up, it is healing. What you want to do here is use your handgun to pop it a couple times (the handgun has a quick aim) and then it will fall down to do its fire attack and lash out attack (if you get too close). If you start to run out of handgun ammo, the submachine gun works well for this, also. When it falls down, you'll want to switch weapons to something more powerful. Whatever you have ammo for that you want to use. You'll have to just keep switching weapons back and forth and strafing.

When it starts to get closer to the end of the fight, God will start shooting out two flames instead of one and some of them can be pretty quick! So, you may want to keep an eye on how you use your healing items here. Watch out for the flames and keep an eye on your health. When it is nearly dead, it will shoot out 2 flame attacks before falling again.

If you are low on ammo you CAN run up and hit God in the face when it falls down, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are on hard mode or higher because it will basically reach out and bite you when you get too close and it can do devastating damage. If you are going to do that, you should try using a quicker melee weapon like maybe the katana.

THE END After while the fight will end and the credits will roll. Your result will pop up on the screen and any unlockables will pop up. :)

15.) Extra Endings

There are only 2 extra endings in this game, "possessed" and "revenge". Although, you cannot get these endings your first time around, here are the details on how to get them.

Possessed: In the ranking screen at the end of the game, you need 4000 points from these areas: monster killed (10 pts each), hp lost (1 pt each), and confessional forgiveness (1000 pts). The best method for getting this ending is to play on hard mode or higher. If you play on a lower mode there doesn't seem to be enough enemies to get the points for it. Also, note that all of these points must be acquired in a single play-through.

Revenge (UFO ending): You must use the Heather beam or sexy beam to kill 30 or more monsters before going in her apartment. You must then remove all equipment before even entering the apartment complex AT ALL. You'll know if you got the ending right away because it starts playing as soon as you walk into the apartment where you would normally find Harry dead. So, know that if it doesn't pop, you know you didn't kill 30 enemies before reaching the apartment and it's not too much of an inconvenience to start over. Note: To get the Heather beam you must kill 333 enemies total (melee or shooting) and then it'll tell you that you've unlocked it at the end of your playthrough.

To use the Heather beam, take off your weapons and she can shoot lasers instead of a gun. You act like you are going to pull up a weapon and push the fire button and it will fire beams (orbs if you're using sexy beam). You can either hold down the fire, or tap it quickly. Also, if you push the direction up and fire it will shoot beams out of Heather's eyes.

To use the sexy beam, you have to equip the transform costume. All you need to do to get it is to complete and extra new game and the password will pop up. Hint: The password is PrincessHeart

16.) Extra Weapons

When you beat the game, you can unlock new weapons that you didn't have access to in your first play-through. Here is a list of them and how to obtain them:

Gold/silver pipes- To get the extra pipes, you need to drop your normal steel pipe into the water where you throw a blow-dryer in the underground passage. Then, you will need to answer the questions honestly to get the new pipes. If you get the pipes in your game, it will give you extra points at the end, but using them will deduct points. For more info on where this is located, read up in the section for the underground passage.

Unlimited submachine gun- To get the unlimited submachine gun, you will need to kill the final boss with a final blow from a melee weapon (only the final blow). When it shows your results, it will say that you've unlocked it and then you will be able to find it in your next game located on top of some boxes in the alleyway in the beginning of the game. Instead of going straight into the bathroom window, grab this gun first.

Beam saber- To get the beam saber, you will need to kill more enemies with melee weapons than shooting in your first play-through. Or, it will automatically unlock on your next play. At the end of the game, it will say that you've unlocked it. To find it in your next game, check the door knob to the door at the very end of the diagonal hallway in the beginning near the storage room with the bookstore key in it.

Flamethrower- To get the flamethrower, you will need to kill more enemies with shooting weapons in your first play-through. Or, it will automatically unlock on the next play, like the beam saber. During the results, it will say that you've unlocked it. In the next game, you'll find the flamethrower located on the counter in the bakery.

Heather beam- To get the "Heather beam", you'll need to kill a total of 333 enemies. It doesn't have to be in one game, it can be over the course of multiple games, and it will tell you that you've unlocked it in your results screen when you have. To use it, you will need to remove your other weapons, act like you are pulling out your weapon and then fire and instead of firing bullets, you will fire beams. You can hold down the fire button, or tap it multiple times for different effects. If you push the direction up and fire, it will shoot beams out of Heather's eyes. It takes a while to get used to using this, but it's pretty powerful.

17.) Extra Costumes

After you beat the game once, you'll be able to use passwords to get extra costumes. The passwords are case sensitive. The ones here, I obtained from the Brady Games guide and from gamefaqs, it's just convenient to have them all in one place, right?

Block head shirt- PutHere2FeelJoy
Don't touch shirt- TOUCH_MY_HEART
God of thunder shirt- Shut_your_mouth
Golden rooster shirt- cockadoodledoo
Heather shirt- HappyBirthDay
Killer rabbit shirt- BlueRobbieWin
Onsen shirt- I_Love_You
Royal flush shirt- 01_03_08_11_12
The light shirt- LightToFuture
Transform costume- PrincessHeart
Transience shirt- ShogyouMujou
Zipper shirt- Shut_your_mouth
Game Reactor shirt- SH3_Wrestlarn
EGM shirt- EGMpretaporter
Game Informer shirt- gameinformer
Play shirt- sLmLdGhSmKfBfH
GamePro shirt- ProTip shirt- iaml33t
GMR shirt- GMRownzjoo shirt- IGN_pickleboy
OPM shirt- SH3_OPiuM
PSM shirt- badical

18.) Other Extras

There are other secrets in the game. To access the secret extra options menu, just pull up the normal options menu and use the bumper buttons to scroll over to the other options. You can make some minor changes to the way the game looks, but there are also some other options that you can change. Once you've beaten the game, you will be able to adjust the amount of bullets that drops; this increases with each game completion. You can also turn on bars that display your life and energy if you've completed the game once.

Another option in the menu is beginner mode. You can play on super-easy beginner mode if you die three times in easy mode. Using this option does affect your points (in a bad way) at the end.

You can unlock harder difficulty modes each time you play a harder mode, starting with "hard" difficulty. For example, once you beat the game on hard, you will unlock "extreme 1". Once you beat extreme 1, you unlock "extreme 2", and so forth up to "Extreme X".

19.) HD Collection Achievements

Here is a list of the achievements in the HD collection and some strategy on how to get the ones that take some planning... If you want to get all of them, you should try to plan on which ones you will be going for first, second, etc, so that you can maximize how many achievements you get per game.

I recommend first playing through the game on easy mode, so you can get the achievements for killing the bosses in under so many minutes, plus you can plan to unlock extra weapons in this round so that you will be able to use them in the next (more difficult) go-round. You will automatically unlock either the beam saber, or the flamethrower. So, choose which one of those you would rather shoot for. However, I find that the unlimited submachine gun is the most useful weapon to have. So, definitely plan to kill the boss with a final blow from a melee weapon. It is much easier to do this on easy mode than the other modes since the boss does significantly less damage and you will have more health items stocked up at the end, anyway. This is also a good opportunity to get the "Ninja", "Makes My Head Hurt", and "Adrenaline Junkie" achievements.

Note: If you were unable to get the "Adrenaline Junkie" achievement in your first play-through, you may be able to get it in the UFO ending, or if not, just may have to play it a fourth time. It will be quicker to plow through enemies once you have the unlimited submachine gun, but it ultimately just depends on how quickly you move through things. Make sure you pause the game when you are reading this guide, or planning where to go next.

I have found that it if you are trying to get the "Possessed" ending, you will need to beat the game on hard mode. So, you could plan on doing that on your second play through. To get enough points to achieve the ending, you will need to play on hard mode and actually look around to find extra enemies. Since you are trying to kill a larger amount of enemies, I think it is ideal to use the unlimited submachine gun while are you doing this play-through. Also, when you get to Silent Hill, actually look around the streets and chase down the enemies that you would normally run away from. This way, you can avoid a few of the other harder enemies later on in the game. Remember that being hit by enemies will also garner some points. Just, try not to get hit too much where you won't have enough healing supplies left for the final boss. Keep this in mind while you are playing. The final boss is definitely a lot more challenging the higher you get on difficulty levels.

Also, during your second play-through, keep an eye out for your [shall we say] "golden" opportunity in the undergroung passage to get the "What the Hill Just Happened?" achievement by obtaining the gold and silver pipes.

After you beat the game a second time, you will acquire the Heather beam, so on your third play-through, you can shoot for getting the revenge aka UFO ending. I would recommend not playing on easy mode for this challenge, just to be 100% sure that you can find 30 enemies to kill w/the Heather beam.

Here's a list of the achievements for SH3 in the SH HD Collection and their XB360 point values:

Time to Roll the Credits (50gp)- Unlock all Achievements in SH3.
Coolest. Dad. Ever. (25gp)- Unlock the "UFO" ending.
If Looks Could Kill (25gp)- Unlock the Heather Beam.
It Was All in Your Head (15gp)- Unlock the "Possesed" ending.
This Isn't an FPS! (15gp)- Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.
Ninja (20gp)- Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3.
There's a New Sheriff in Town (40gp)- Acquire the Beam Saber.
Where's Luna? (25gp)- Unlock the "Princess Heart" costume.
Adrenaline Junkie (25gp)- Complete SH3 in 3 hours or less.
Makes My Head Hurt (30gp)- Complete SH3 with 2 saves or less.
They Look like Monsters to You? (15gp)- Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.
Wall Basher (20gp)- Acquire the Silencer.
What the Hill Just Happened? (40gp)- Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes.
Flame On (40gp)- Acquire the Flamethrower.
I'm Normal I Promise (10gp)- Unlock the "Normal" ending.
Blasphemy (15gp)- Defeat God in under 8 minutes.
Lost Memory (15gp)- Defeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.
A Time to Kill (15gp)- Defeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.
Eye For an Eye (15gp)- Defeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.
Hoarder (15gp)- Pick up at least 100 items in SH3.
Heather's Got a Gun (15gp)- Acquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.
Pest Control (15gp)- Defeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.

I'm assuming that the achievements are the same as the "trophies" on the PS3, they just may have different point values or something. I don't know, honestly.