Well... I played my game on Action Level: Easy and Riddle Level: Normal. This walkthrough, however, should be usable with other modes. Just, with bosses and puzzle answers, it would be most compatible with those modes of game play. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, throughout the walkthrough, I say "to your left" or "to your right" or "go left" or "go right". When I say that I mean from the character's point of view, not you looking at the screen, unless otherwise stated. However, if I slipped up and forgot to state otherwise, plz contact me. Key items are highlighted in blue, savers are highlighted in red.

When I wrote this walkthrough I was missing information, however, Alyssa Davis, has kindly provided me with additional information. You should read this before using the walkthrough because there might be something missed in the walkthrough that you can find under extras.

Table of Contents (for easier finding):

1. Silent Hill Beginning
2. Silent Hill
3. Wood Side Apartment
4. Blue Creek Apartment
5. Rosewater Park
6. Pete's Bowl-O-Rama
7. Heaven's Night
8. Brookhaven Hospital
9. Evil Brookhaven Hospital
10. Evil Silent Hill
11. Silent Hill Historical Society
12. Toluca Prison
13. Underground Labyrinth
14. Lake View Hotel
15. Evil Lake View Hotel
16 Extras

1.) Silent Hill Beginning

Walk out through the door in the bathroom, it's around the corner next to the door. Look inside the open door of the car in the parking lot, there's a map inside. Follow the winding dirt path until you reach a well; there's a save point inside the well. Keep going and enter the graveyard gates. Here you'll meet Angela; she's a bit crazy. Go through the gate on the other side of the graveyard. Again you'll find yourself running along a dirt path. When you reach the building, go ahead down the hall, this will bring you to an actual road that you must follow.

2.) Silent Hill

When you reach the other road, turn right. Follow the streaks of blood on the road. When you're in the alley, go through the gate into the small area with the save point; there are health drinks- one near the table, and one in the corner. Go through the boarded up area and James will find "the radio" and have to kill his first enemy. It's not hard though, just give him a few whacks and he's dead. Go back the way you came; if you turn right the road is blocked off but there is a health drink by a shutter. If you turn left, there is a stone on the side of the road; you can read it, but parts of it are missing. Turn right at the next turn. Go past Martin St. and turn onto Neely St., going up. At the Lucky Jade's there is a first aid kit and handgun bullets. Up ahead read the papers scattered on the ground just for the heck of it. Go back, keep going past Katz St. There's a first aid kit in the Happy Burger parking lot. Turn onto Saul St. and go into the trailer and read the paper on the couch. Also, there's a saver in the trailer. Head to Neely's Bar. Go into the wooden door on the side of the building, the other door doesn't work. Look at the map on the table and at the words on the window, which btw, I still don't understand... Leave and make your way down Martin St. Down the alley, near the metal fence is a health drink. Examine the body at the end of the alley to get the apartment key; you can probably guess where to go next.

3.) Wood Side Apartment

There is a map to your left on the bulletin board, there is also a health drink near the staircase. You can save if you like, at this point. Go up the stairs to the 2nd floor landing and go through the door. Go into room 205 and pick up the flashlight off of the mannequin. Read the papers  on the desk next to the sewing machine. Next, go into room 210. There are handgun bullets on the coffee table and in the bedroom. Go to room 208 next and read the note by the phone. Go into the open bedroom. Here you'll find the clock puzzle. On the wall it shows you "Henry, Mildred, and Scott". Of course, the clock is locked so you can't do anything with it yet, but looking at it will mark it on your map for later. Now leave and make your way to the third floor. Try to reach the key on the other side of the bars; here you'll meet Laura. Charming girl, isn't she? In room 301 you'll find a handgun in a shopping cart; get it and go back to the second floor. Head to room 208 (again) and you'll hear a noise. Just follow it. You'll see "Pyramid Head" for the first time. That scares me so bad! Seeing him behind there watching you... Anyway, if you go into room 208, he'll be gone when you come back out. You'll now notice that there is a dead body watching television... I wonder if corpses prefer Fox or CBS? There's also a key to room 202 on the bookshelf now. Go to room 202, since you have the key and all... There's a health drink in the kitchen. Go into the open bedroom and stick your arm in the red hole, (don't worry it's safe), you'll find the clock key. Now, back to room 208. (I know! I know!) Go to the clock and unlock the face plate. Depending on what your clue says on the wall (I dunno if it's different), adjust the hands on the clock. (Henry=hours, Mildred=minutes, Scott=seconds) Now go ahead and push the clock over and head into room 209. You can save now with the saver on the cart, you'll also find a health drink in the kitchen. Now you can go up the stairs to the third floor and head to that fire escape key that Laura scooted away. So, up to the 3rd floor we go! Also there's handgun bullets in the 3rd floor laundry room. If you go in room 307 you will have the "pleasure" of viewing monster porn. Disturbing, neh? There's a courtyard key in the closet you were hiding in. Next, check out room 303. There's a health drink in the kitchen and a first aid kit in the living room. There's also handgun bullets in the bedroom. Now, go ahead and go down the other staircase (not the one you came up) to the 1st floor. You can unlock the double doors and get the canned juice at the end of the hallway. Go back into the other side of the apartment building (you have to go outside). Since you have the courtyard key, you can go ahead and unlock that door and go into the courtyard. There are 3 monsters in the pool; so it's easier to get the snake coin out of the carriage and hurry out, instead of killing them. If you do kill them, however, you can sit around watching James fall into the pool over and over again without worrying about enemies, it's amusing for about 10 mins. Enter the other part of the apartment that you haven't been in yet. In room 104 you'll find a comical travel brochure; Silent Hill, peaceful?! I don't think so... There is also handgun bullets on a chair in the living room. Now go into room 101, where you'll find Eddie puking his guts out. How can one person hold so much puke? I think that dead human in the fridge in the kitchen went past its expiration date and it's made him sick... There's handgun bullets in the corner. Take the staircase up to the second floor and go through rooms 208 and 209. Now head to the laundry room. You'll notice that there's something stuck in the trash shoot; use the canned juice to push it down. Go outside and on the side of the apartment the trash was dumped, now you can collect your toy prize! (like an egg machine, get it?) An old man coin and a humorous gossip magazine article; it cracks me up! Back to the 2nd floor. There's a locked door at the end of the hall, the fire escape. You can open it now.

4.) Blue Creek Apartment

Head over to the bathroom and reach your hand into the disgusting toilet. You'll get the a wallet with a code in it, use the combination on the safe in the living room. Just read the arrows as the direction you turn it and stop on the numbers as if it were a normal combination lock. I got 03>>20<<05>>14 but I'm not sure if the combination changes. You'll get a bunch of handgun bullets. There's a health drink in the kitchen. You will need to turn right when you leave. You'll see a door with a note on it. It tells you to go to the room near the 1st floor staircase, so go there. There is a white chrism in the kitchen (I don't know what this is used for, if you do plz get in contact with me...), there is also a saver down the hallway. When you leave, go in the laundry room and get the first aid kit. Continue down the hall until you find another door that you can open. (there is no map, so I can't tell you what room it is...) There's handgun bullets on the couch. Go in the white door and you'll find Angela about to kill herself. Surprised? Didn't think so... Pick up the prisoner coin on the stand and return to the last room you were in. Now you have to do the coin puzzle. I'm not sure if yours is the same as mine, since I did mine on normal mode, but my answer was -empty-old man-prisoner-empty-snake-. You now have the Lyne's house key. Back to the house now. Go out on the balcony and into the next room. There are handgun bullets in the chair and a stairway key on the bed. I would recommend that you save. Now, head back into the other room and into the hall. At one end of the hall, there's a blue door, that'd be the one, have fun! (hey, that rhymes)

Boss Fight (Pyramid Head)- Warning! Monster porn! Hide the children! Anyway... Use the handgun and not the wooden plank or chainsaw (if you've beaten the game already). You have to wait until he is bent down after slamming his sword down to shoot him in the back or shoulder area, (or you could run in circles shooting like a madman, like I did). This fight is hard to do in such a cramped space, but it doesn't take too many shots before Pyramid Head retreats down the stairs.

After you watch the water drain from the staircase, go ahead and go down. Go out the raggety old door and outside. There's a first aid kit next to the building. Now, head down the alley. You'll run into Laura again.

5.) Rosewater Park

Head toward Rosewater Park. I would advise a thorough search of the park because there are items to be found here. After you've finished searching the park head north (it looks like north on your map) until you reach a bridge. You'll acquire Maria here. She only slows you down, but whatever. Go down toward Nathan Avenue. If you go into the gas station, you'll find a steel pipe sticking out of a car's hood. There's a health drink in front of the bowling alley, which is where you should be. Enter.

6.) Pete's Bowl-O-Rama

Fun for the whole family! A trip to the crappified bowling alley in Silent Hill. You can spend the afternoon rolling cracked rocks down the blood-stained isles and eat decaying pizza, barfed up by Eddie and return in time for dinner! I dunno, I'm stupid... Anyway, You go in and enter the door to your left. You'll see Eddie and Laura. Go around all the tables and into the next room. Follow Laura out of the building. Go out the gate in the back of the building and down the alley way. Let Maria open the door and enter Heaven's Night.

7.) Heaven's Night

Go up the stairs and into the green door. Now simply leave and go down the stairs. Keep going south and you'll see Laura enter the hospital. Follow her in... (pretty short, neh?)

8.) Brookhaven Hospital

There's a map posted on the board to your left. In the door directly in front of you is a save point. Also, if you look on the desk, you will find a list of patients (I figure these are the crazy ones in the special treatment room...). Before you go into the next room, get the health drink off of the table near the door, Maria is blocking it from view. In the next room you'll find another file and the purple bull key with it. Since everything else on the 1st floor is either locked or won't open, go to the stairwell and up to the 2nd floor. Go in the men's locker room and get the examination room key out of the lab coat. In the nurse's station there's a bent needle in the teddy bear and a shotgun in the locker. Now head into that hallway with all those rooms in it. There's handgun bullets on one of the stools as you first walk in. Go into room m2. There's shotgun shells on the nightstand and a lapis eye key in the room. In room m3 there's a health drink. In m6 there's shotgun shells on the nightstand and a health drink on another. If you check the examining room, you'll find a first aid kit on the bed, also check the typewriter in the back, you'll find a number code you'll use later. Now, head back to the examination room on the 1st floor, since you have the key and all... Go through the first room and into the second. There's shotgun shells in the sink. On the white board on the wall there's a number. Mine said 7335, but yours could be different. Now go up to the 3rd floor. To go down the patient hall, simply type in that number. Again, I used 7335. In room s3, you'll lose Maria to a comfy bed... There's the roof key on the nightstand. In s11 there's a health drink and a saver. In s14 there's a box. Right now all you can do is use the purple bull key and the lapis eye key. No need to worry about the shower room just yet... The only thing left to do at this point is to head up to the roof. Take the "gray door" staircase up. Go to the back and read the journal. Now go to enter the elevator control room and Pyramid Head will push you off of the roof. (don't worry, this is unavoidable) You might want to use a first aid kit at this point. Next, go in the middle door and look at the blood on the wall. Copy down what you think the numbers say (they're very hard to decipher). I got 6166, but I know for a fact that this changes. I got something different last time. Now head back to that box in room s14. Put the code from the carbon paper in on the number pad. Put the blood number in on the twisty-lock (hence the "tern tern tern the numbers"). Now that you have the piece of hair, go to the shower room. Combine the bent needle and the hair to get the elevator key out of the drain. Take the newly-unlocked elevator to the 1st floor. In room c3 you'll find shotgun shells on the table in the corner and handgun bullets in the other. In c2 you'll find Laura. She leads you to a door and into a boss fight.

Boss Fight (hanging men)- I just simply shot the crap outta them with the shotgun. There's 3 monsters hanging from the ceiling, shoot them till they stop moving!

9.) Evil Brookhaven Hospital

Exit and there's shotgun shells and a saver. Go through the double doors and in room c2. You'll find a first aid kit and in c1 you'll find handgun bullets and a health drink. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. In room m6 there are handgun bullets sitting on the bed also there is a first aid kit on a small table. Read the paper on the other bed and take the dry-cell battery and the basement key out of the wall. In m4 there's a health drink right across the room along with shotgun shells. If you go in the day room, there's a refrigerator that is too heavy for James to open. Next, take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Go in room s11, you'll see handgun bullets and an ampoule on the nightstand by the bed. In room s3 Maria is missing. There's pill bottles on the nightstand by her bed, or maybe they're just vitamins. Whatever the case is... Go to the store room. There's shotgun shells, handgun bullets, and a first aid kit on the shelf. If you go into the gray stairwell there's a saver against the wall. Head into the basement and open the door. Don't mind that sound, it's nothing. Pick up the shotgun shells on the floor then go to move the shelf. When you try to go down, Maria will walk in. Pick up the copper ring in the "basement's basement" and head over to the day room with the fridge in it. When you're in the elevator, though, you'll hear a comical game show on your radio. (at least I thought it was funny...) The answers to my questions were 3, 1, 3. I think it's the same code for all the questions though. You can go to the store room whenever you like, you'll get a lot of ammo and an ampoule. Anyway, get the lead ring out of the fridge and head to the 3rd floor to unlock the staircase down the patient hall. You just put the 2 rings on the 3d woman's hands. You must go down the stairs until you get to the very bottom door. You'll enter a twisty-turny hallway and as soon as you turn the 1st corner, Pyramid Head will start to follow you. Don't worry, I think in easy and normal action modes he won't catch up, but in hard and extra hard he will. Just get to the elevator, you can't save Maria btw... Head to the director's room. On the desk, there's a lobby key to open the front door along with a map. Leave the hospital now.

10.) Evil Silent Hill

Head to Saul St. and enter the tunnel. Don't worry about the monsters, I don't think they can get you. On the other side of the tunnel, there's a first aid kit by the trailer and shotgun shells near the car. Now go to Lindsay St. to the letter and wrench. It's on the front steps of a house. Now go to the park and pick up the shotgun shells and ampoule at the entrance. Head toward the statue. On your way down to the left near a bench there is an ampoule, it's very hard to describe it's exact location. But, go to the statue of the woman marked on your map. Behind the statue you have to dig and use the wrench to open the box that you uncover. Inside the box is the old bronze key, which opens the front door to the Silent Hill Historical Society, so head over there.

11.) Silent Hill Historical Society

There's a first aid kit outside the building in the parking lot near a gate. In the museum you can utilize the save point and then proceed into both double doors. In the small square case there is an obsidian goblet (does anyone know what it's for? contact me). Go down the stairs through the hole. Just run and ignore the sounds. Go through the door and into the next door directly in front of you. Go left and go in the door right around the corner. There's handgun bullets on the table in the corner. Enter the next door down the hallway and jump down the hole. Examine the wall until you find the spot where he says it's different. Use the metal pipe or the wooden plank to break down the wall by whacking it a couple times. You'll enter the sewers. Go right and enter the first door up the steps. Go in the door on the side. Pick up the spiral-writing key in the corner and use the battery on your flashlight. The room is swarming with bugs! Use the key panel next to the door to open it. Keep trying different combinations of the lighter numbers until it works, this is highly randomized. Use the key to open the door on the floor in the next room and jump through it. You're in the prison and are allowed one phone call with no bail... That was gay, neh? hehe... My attempt at being funny, so shut up!

12.) Toluca Prison

Talk to Eddie. (ever seen Ed, Edd, and Eddie?) There's 2 health drinks on the tables and a tablet of the "gluttonous pig", which you found btw in the cafeteria. (ironic, neh?) You can save too. Leave through the same door Eddie did. Go left to the first desk, there's handgun bullets on it, on the next desk there's a map. ~Note: From here on out, in the prison, there are no names for the rooms from the map. So, I've made up my own system of naming the rooms. If you count the doors going north on either the left or right side of the hallway (according to the map), you'll be able to know which room I'm talking about.~ Go in the 3rd door on the right side of the hallway. Go left and then forward and in the last room, you'll find the tablet of the "seductress". Go back and into the 3rd door on the left of the hallway, there's a first aid kit. In the next door on the left you can go through and over to the next hallway. Go into the sixth room on the right and pick up the lighter. In the 4th door to the right you're in a bathroom. Knock on the third stall 3x then turn around and walk to the door. Turn around and there's nothing behind you. (that's just for kicks!) In the 3rd door to the right there's a saver. In the 2nd door to the left (not counting the double doors down the short hall) there's a first aid kit on the television set, a file on the desk, a health drink on a stool in the corner, and an ampoule on the sink. In the next room, there's rifle shells, shotgun shells, and a hunting rifle. Back in the hallway, go into the 2nd door to the right, ignore the sounds, just check the cells. In the 5th cell there's handgun bullets. In the 9th cell, pick up the wax doll. Go into the next hallway. If you go up, there's handgun bullets on the desk. Go in the double doors on the left, there's rifle shells on the shelf. Go into the second row of jail cells. In the 7th from the right, there's the tablet of the "oppressor" It'll lock you in, so shoot at the door to get out. Creepy, neh? Go back out through the door that you came in, now go in the double doors to the right and run in a straight line, ignore the sounds. Use the three plates on the giant "puppet show" box. Head back and get the horseshoe off of the door. Go back to the hallway farthest left (according to your map). Go to the most southern end of that hallway and use the lighter, wax doll, and horseshoe on the trap door. Now, jump down. Go through the double doors and through the next doors, jump down the hole. Open the door in front of you and jump down. Enter the elevator. Don't forget to pick up the handgun bullets, shotgun shells, first aid kit, and rifle shells in each of the four corners before the elevator stops!

13.) Underground Labyrinth/Catacombs

~Note: This is a maze, it is imperative that you pay attention to exactly where I tell you to go, I got lost the first time I did this.~ You can now save. Go in the door and turn left, go to the end of the hall and then turn right. When you come to the ladder, go down. Follow the twisted path and then go up the next ladder. Next, you have to do the face puzzle. In my game it worked with the yellow face being upside down. Now you can go through the door in the steel room. Go down the path and you'll have an interesting conversation with Maria. Now, go back up the way you came. you'll find a wire cutter near the ladder on the wall. Back track to where you first started. Directly in front of the door you started from is a room blocked off with wires. Now, cut the wires with the wire cutter and go down the ladder. Follow the path until you see it turn into another path. Turn right with it and go up that ladder, not the other one. Turn right after you ascend the ladder and follow the path to the next ladder, now go down again. Follow the path around. You'll see the path turn sharply around a corner, go up that ladder. Follow the path and turn right onto the metallic floor, go around the fence and down the ladder. Turn left into the shorter path and up the ladder. If you end up in a squarish area, you've gone too far. After you go up the ladder there are handgun bullets beside you on the floor. Go down the only path there is and down the only ladder there is. Pyramid Head is at the end of this passage, so hurry up and go up the next ladder down the left passage! You should see a door, a saver, and a newspaper. You can read the paper and then go through the door. You'll hear Angela yelling out. Now for a boss fight.

Boss Fight (Angela's dirty dad?)- Just run around the room and shoot him with the rifle. It's really not that difficult...

After Angela is finished with her moment, exit the room. Go into the next hall and to the room at the end of the hall, on the left. Read the story posted up against the fence very closely. (it's funny too, neh? I love this game...) The criminal that it doesn't exactly say that he did it, that's the innocent one. Remember that. Go back to the first door in the hallway (not the one you entered through). Read what each of the hanging bodies were hung for (it says it on their faces). Figure out which criminal's description relates to your innocent criminal. Remember which position of the room they're hanging from (out of the 6). Head back to the room with the story and pull down the rope where your innocent criminal was hanging in the other room. Mine was in the top-right corner (looking at it from that overhead view). If you're wrong, on your way back to the other room you will be attacked by creatures. But, if you're right, there will be a key of the persecuted where your innocent criminal was hanging. It might take a few times to get it right, that story is tricky, I got it wrong like 3 times (blush). Now, go in the door at the end of the hallway (the one you haven't been in yet). You'll be in another hallway with a barred gate. Use the key to open the handcuffs and get through the gate. Go down the ladder and run straight. Go into the next door. Maria's dead (again). Now go back and go through where the gate was locked (you will turn to your left outside the door). Go up the ladder and pick up the first aid kit. Go down the hall and into the makeshift graveyard area. There are items scattered around the graveyard. Search it thoroughly. Then save with the back of the tombstone. Jump down into James's reserved grave. (how kind of them to save one for you) Run down the long hallway and into the door at the end.

Boss Fight (Eddie)- Use the rifle on him in the first room and then pick up the rifle and shotgun shells by the door. Go into the next room and use either the shotgun or rifle on him. When you run out of ammo go into your menu and reload. If James does it himself it's too slow and Eddie's gun takes a chunk of health.

Go through the big double doors. Go right. There's a saver on a barrel. Follow the dock and get in the boat. Row backwards and a tad bit to your right until you see the light and then reach the shore at the hotel. This could take from 15-40 mins, depending. So, get cozy.

14.) Lake View Hotel

Follow the dock to shore. Before you go in, check the left water fountain. You'll find the Little Mermaid music box. Then, go in. You'll find a map to your left (duh). Head over to the Restaurant "Lake Shore" and Laura will scare you (she scared me). Get the fish key off of the plate on the table. Enter the lobby and check the note on the reception desk. Go into the office and pick up the key to room 312 in the cubby. There's a save point in main lobby in the top-left corner (according to the map). Go into the "grayed-out" area next to the Cafe "Toluca". There are rifle shells in the storage room along with handgun bullets. Go up the "skinny" stairs in the hallway and go in the cloak room. There are shotgun shells and handgun bullets on the shelf across from you. There's a first aid kit on the desk and there is a black briefcase; use the fish key to open it. There's a key to room 204. Exit the room and go into the reading room. There's shotgun shells to your left in the corner and a health drink on the desk. Around the other side on the book shelf there is shotgun shells. At the end of the short hallway outside the room, on the table, there is handgun bullets. Go into room 204. There is an employee elevator key on the desk in front of you. If you go in room 202, there's a marked out picture on the bed and a locked suitcase. Leave and go across the path in front of the big staircase and into the area on the right side of the map. To your left there is a health drink and rifle shells. Enter the small grayed-out room and there are health drinks on the cart and there is a saver on the wall. Enter the elevator, an alarm will sound off. Read the panel on the wall near the buttons. Now, empty all of your items into that white cabinet. Go in the elevator and down to the first floor. To your left there is a map on the wall, pick it up. Remember, down here you're defenseless and have no radio or flashlight, so be careful! Anyway, head to the pantry. There is a Snow White music box, which is among the apples. (apples, Snow White, interesting...) Next, go to the office next to the elevator. Look in the safe, piled up among the boxes. You'll get the videotape and the can opener. Go into the door across from the office and go down the stairs to the basement. Go into the boiler room. Get the first aid kit on the ground in front of you. Also, if you go right around the boiler, you can get the bar key, which is hanging under a lamp. Make a note of where the kitchen is, and go there. There are health drinks that you can see right when you walk in. You can pick them up, then use the can opener to open the unlabeled can on the counter top. This is how you get the light bulb. Head into the bar and go around the counter. Next to the jukebox, on the short end of the counter, there is a flashlight. Use the light bulb on it. Go through the door. Pick up the can of thinner, which is in the elevator to your right. Then go up the staircase. If I were you, I'd use this opportunity to go back and get all of my items! Go back into room 202 and use the thinner on the marked photograph. You'll see a picture of the suitcase with a word code on it. Use the code on the suitcase on the floor. I know this is random because last time I got "mama" and this time I got "lose". You'll get the Cinderella music box. Go to the lobby and there's a big music box below the stairs. You have to insert your 3 boxes in order. You have to read the descriptions and put them where they belong. It's not very hard. I had to put them (going from left to right) Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid. Play the music box and take the hotel stairway key from it.( I love the tune it plays, so creepy) Head up the skinny stairs next. Use the key to open the gate to the 3rd floor. It doesn't take genius to guess where to go next, room 312 (figured I'd say it just incase). Play the videotape in the VCR which is located to the right of the television set. Disturbing, neh? After Laura leaves, leave the room. You'll notice there was a bit of redecorating...

15.) Evil Lake View Hotel

Your flashlight won't work, great. Go right and you'll find a door with a saver on it. Go to the reading room and listen to the headphones on the desk if you like... Go into room 202. It takes you outside room 219. Go to the window and pick up handgun bullets. Go towards the elevator and pick up the ampoules on the table. Go in the elevator and down to the basement, which is very scary btw! Go into the bar. There are a whole bunch of health drinks behind the counter. They're 5% alcohol by volume, neh? Go into the kitchen next. Pick up the shotgun shells and the first aid kit on the counter to your left. Pick up the rifle shells from the back. Go to the staircase, you'll see Angela, whining as usual... Go out the door you came from and up the new stairs. Go right and then turn, as if you were going toward the security office. Near the manager's office you'll find rifle shells. Go in the door at the end of that hallway. Run down the hallway and into the door. Save on the wall o' savers to your right and then enter the double doors.

Boss Fight (Pyramid Head x2)- I just ran in circles around the room until they stabbed themselves. However, I think on the hard and extra hard modes you must actually shoot them.

Afterwards, search them to receive the scarlet egg and the rust-colored egg. The two double doors have indentations. Insert the eggs into the doors in no special order. This will unlock them. Go through one of the doors and out the front door to the hotel. Wait wasn't it supposed to lead outside? Wrong! You're so stupid! (j/k, ok?) Keep going down the hall. Go in the door and up the stairs. This is your last boss fight. Tear.

Boss Fight (Mary/Maria Monster Thingie)- Mary? Maria? Whatever it is, kill it! Use the rifle and run around shooting it like a madman. The bats don't do much damage, they just keep you from moving. It probably does a special move if it gets right above you, but I didn't try and stay to find out, sorry. After it falls to the ground, shoot it again!

THE END- I bet you're real proud of yourself now. You sat here reading this walkthrough on a website with lollipops in the background. I bet you feel like a man now, neh?! (I'm not sure about the different endings however. But, if you do know how to get the different ones, contact me.)

14.) Extras

There is 6 endings to Silent Hill 2.  Leave, Maria, Rebirth, UFO, Dog, and the Lake ending. Well in your walk-through you said you found items that you didn't know what they were for. I believe you said the "White Chrism Vial" and the "Obsidian Goblet".  

*The Rebirth Ending (You actually need 4 items)*    I will tell you the 4 items and were to locate them. The first one you will come across is the "White Chrism Vial" found in the apartment kitchen 105 in "Blue Creek Apartments". The second is the ">Book of Lost Memories" located at a newspaper stand at "Texxon Gas Station" where you kinda found the "Steel Pipe" but, more by the store. The third item is the "Obsidian Goblet" found in the "Historical Society Building" on the broken square case. The fourth item is the "The Crimson Ceremony Book" You can find that in the the "Lakeview Hotel" room 202 Library room (Same room as the headphones). Now since you have all 4 items....theirs a trick on how to get the ending correct. Do not check up on Maria when she is laying down in the "BrookHaven Hospital" or the jail cell in the "Labyrinth". Do not examine the "knife" that Angela gives you. Do not examine "Mary's photo" or "Mary's letter". If you do this correct, then at the end after you fight the 2 pyramid heads and you go down the long hallway (The hallway before you exit outside and go up the stairs).... you shouldn't hear Mary talking. If you hear silence than you have gotten the ending correct. After you start a new game the "Dog key" will appear in the dog house between "Jack's Inn" and the "Hexxon Gas Station" somewhere. Use it to open the observation room in the "Evil Lakeview Hotel".  

*The Lake Ending*   All you have to do is examine the "Knife" (occasionally) that Angela gives you and read the "Diary" on top of the hospital roof before Pyramind Head pushes you off. Do not check up on Maria when she lays down in the "Brookhaven Hospital" or the jail cell in the "Labyrinth". Then listen to the whole conversation in the long hallway that Mary is having after the 2 pyramid head fight at the "Evil Lakeview Hotel" (The hallway before you exit outside and go up the stairs).  

*The U.F.O. Ending: (Or Joke Ending)* (only available in XBOX version)   You must finish the Maria ending before you can obtain the "Blue Gem" for this ending. After you completed the Maria ending, start a new game and you will find the "Blue Gem" in the bathroom when the game first starts (I think it's by the first stall). You must only use the "Blue Gem" three times in the game. The first place you use it, is in the "Evil Hospital's Garden" (The square little boxed room where its raining). The second is on the boat dock before you enter the boat. Then use it in room 202 in the "Lakeview Hotel" (Same room with headphones).  

*The Maria Ending*   Don't look at "Mary's Photo" or "Mary's Letter". Check up on Maria a couple times when she is in the "Brookhaven Hospital" and the jail cell in the "Labyrinth". Ignore the conversation Mary is having in the long hallway and just exit without hearing the whole thing at the "Evil Lakeview Hotel" after the 2 pyramind heads fight. (The hallway before you exit outside and go up the stairs)  

*The Leave Ending*   First off keep James healthy though-out the game. Examine "Mary's Photo" and "Mary's Letter" occasionally. Do not examine Angela's "Knife". Do not read the diary on the roof of the "Brookhaven Hospital". Do not listen to the "Headphones" in the "Lakeview Hotel". Listen to the whole coversation Mary is having in the long hallway after the 2 pyramid heads fight in the "Evil Lakeview Hotel". Whack Maria a couple times with a fighting weapon LOL! Do not check up on her when shes in the "Brookhaven Hospital" laying on the bed or in the jail cell in the "Labyrinth".  


1. Chainsaw: Complete the game once and find the chainsaw on the logs after the cemetery (After the conversation with Angela)

2. Hyper Spray: Complete the game two times and find the hyper spray in the trailor motor home.

3. Great Knife: Its in the Labyrinth with the hallway with 2 stairways across from eachother leading down to Pyramid Head and the Legged Monster under the fenced floor. There should be a door down there and inside contains the great knife.   We all say "Thx Alyssa Davis"! :P