Sikle Hamazku


Name: Sikle Hamazku (SICK-uhl Hah-MAHZ-koo)

Age: 26

Height: 5'6"

Race: Human (sorceress)

Hair color: Light blue with 2 white streaks

Eye color: Violet

Occupation: Trying to discover her past alongside fellow warriors

Likes: Women, ice magic, control, respect

Dislikes: Men, helping others without being rewarded, taking the easy way out


Sikle was once the young and powerful leader of a group of sorceresses, but went on a quest to find a most powerful staff and fell in with some mind flayers. They distorted her memory and she woke up in the forest by herself, as her comrades had gone to find some herbal medicine that would wake her up. She began to wander and stumbled on a group of exploring warriors and decided to join them. She is currently relearning her magic and her past. She is very independent and very proud of her femininity. She also, however, enjoys the femininity of others and despises men. Somehow, though, she manages to get along with her mates on the road.

Char history:

My pride and joy. I made up Sikle for use with D&D, but she quickly became one of my favorite chars! Isn't she grand? She has a tattoo on her back that says "WOMAN" with a winged heart below it. She also has a Siamese cat familiar named Gomez, who I draw sometimes. Sikle is one of my more popularly-drawn chars as you can probly tell in my oekakis and such... She is also one of the only ones without anything pink on!