Silent Hill 2


Scare factor: 10

Fun factor: 10

Replay value: 9

Graphics: 10

Sound: 10

Overall: 10


Back to Silent Hill... Would you dare go back? Bah, that was a cheesy thing of me to say... Anyway, this game is really good!! If it wasn't, I wouldn't have written a walkthrough for it, no duh! This game has really realistic graphics and lighting effects and the sounds are awesome. The voice acting is better than in the first one. Pretty much everything is better than it was in the first one! It's a completely different scenario though, with all new characters.

This game involves not Harry Mason, but James Sunderland, who is looking for his dead wife, Mary, who is supposed to be waiting for him somewhere in Silent Hill. He is looking for her the whole game! I wouldn't stick around that long... He meets a few characters along the way (all of which are a few french fries short of a happy meal) who he talks to and meets up at with at various parts of the game. James goes all throughout the town and is being chase by "Pyramid Head", a giant monster who wants to kill James for no apparent reason (very scary).

The graphics in this game are really good. I love the fuzzies! What I mean by that, is that I love the fuzziness of the screen. When you turn the lights off, everything gets fuzzy, you know? They made the graphics in the game like that so it would be more realistic, neat, neh? It really adds a sort of realism to it and makes it a bit scarier. The sounds in the game are very scary! There is always some sort of strange creaking or scraping metal sound, it seems, in the background. It's really scary to walk around and hear those strange sounds because it makes you feel as though you're being followed throughout the game by Pyramid Head. The replay value on this game is pretty good because, obviously, I've played it more than once. I had to write the walkthrough, you know! I think it's fun to play it over, even though you know what's going to happen; I scream anyway. This game is definitely worth the money, why are you still reading this?! Go get it!!