Ta da! My third walkthrough. Pretty proud to have written 3. I want to go back and do walkthroughs for diff modes of play, though, on the games, but oh well! Maybe I'll get to that later. Basically, if I say go left, I mean from your character's left. If I say enter a room and go left, I mean after you open the door and are in the room, to the left of your char as the stand there in front of the door. Does that make sense?

Anyway, this is a walkthrough for easy and the key items are in blue and the items like ink ribbons, ammo, ect are highlighted in red.

Table of contents (for easier finding):

1. Train
2. Umbrella Training Facility
3. Training Facility Basement
4. Umbrella Training Facility... Again
5. Laboratory
6. Factory
7. Treatment Plant

1.) Train

When you start, go left. Then go in the door, keep going in that direction and into the next door. When you get into that small hallway go in the first door you see. Inside, there's handgun bullets on the ground and file on the chair and a first aid spray on the table. In the next door there's an ink ribbon by the cup and saucer, handgun bullets by the typewriter and a green herb on the ground by the table with the handgun bullets. There's a file on the bed. Leave the room and continue down the hallway. Check the dead guy on the ground to get the dining car key. You'll see Billy here. When you talk to Edward, cerberuses jump through the windows. Edward has handgun bullets.

Go back to the car that you started from. Go into the other door using the key. There's a file on the table with the plant. Go up the stairs and pick up the handgun bullets on the counter there. Go forward and kill the leech zombie. Keep going forward, at the back of the room there's a ladder out a window. Climb up the ladder. At the very end of the cab there's a disconnected power cable that you have to reconnect. There's handgun bullets and a green herb on the counter top. There's the conductor's key in the barred window next to the first aid spray.

You're going to have to switch to Billy now. Go back into the dining car and down the stairs. Go into that sliding door beneath the stairs and then around the corner. Switch to Rebecca. See the little oven-looking thing next to the counter? Put the conductor's key into it and push the button. Switch back to Billy and take the key out of the lift on his side.

Using Billy, go to the conductor's room. It's in the same car as the save room. In the room there's a green and a red herb in front of the window and there's a file on the floor near the table. In the closet there's a briefcase. There's a train map on the whiteboard and if you push the red button, there's a ladder that comes down. You can go up the ladder and then across the room and into the door. There's 2 green herbs and a red herb on the ground. There's an ice pick on the serving cart. In the room down the hall there's handgun bullets and shotgun shells on the floor, a first aid spray on the floor, a first aid spray on the sink, an ink ribbon by the drawers, and the hunting gun on the bed.

Go back into the room with the drinks bar and fight the stinger. The technique to killing it is to run up close to it and shoot down at its head with the hunting gun and then run back so it doesn't hit you. When it's claws are covering its head, your shots won't affect it. Afterward, pick up the panel opener and go back to the kitchen with the sliding door and use the lift to send Rebecca the ice pick. You can have Rebecca use the ice pick to unjam the door now and meet up with Billy.

Have Billy use the panel opener to open the square panel on the ground next to the refrigerator. Then enter the crawl space. There's a gas tank, first aid spray, and shotgun shells near the shelf. There's a gold ring in the furthest dog cage. Go out the back door and have Rebecca pull the lever with the green light. Then switch to Billy and grab the hookshot while it's released. You'll have to have them both standing in the right position before she pulls the lever. You can use the door to get back into the kitchen now and a zombie pops out of the refrigerator, pick up the empty bottles and mix them with the gas tank to make moltov cocktails. These are especially useful when dealing with leech zombies. Go out the sliding door kitchen and go through the car into the next one.

Leave the sliding door kitchen and go into the next car. Go up the stairs, there's a green herb, but you don't need to go up there because there's nothing else there. Back down the stairs, have Rebecca use the hookshot to go out that window swinging open. Go across the roof and into the hole. There's handgun bullets and a knife near the opening and there's a jewelery box in the closet. If you open it, you'll get the silver ring. Use the gold and silver rings on the briefcase, you get the blue keycard, which is inside.

Use the blue keycard to open the door next to the card reader at the end of the hall with the save room. Go into the door at the end there and you'll have to start the brakes. First there are all sorts of items in this room: herbs, bullets, and the magnetic brake card on the front control panel which you need to operate the back number panel. Have Billy stay behind. Take Rebecca back to where you got the hookshot, at the very end of the train. There's another control panel there that you never used. Use the card on it and it will give you round lights at the bottom and you need to use that many numbers to add up to the given number. The number is chosen randomly between 36 (enter 3 nine times, then 9), 67 (enter 7 nine times, then 4), and 81 (enter 8 nine times, then 9).

Next, it will switch back to Billy, you have to do the same thing with the numbers except that you can't see what number you're on now, so it makes it a bit harder. The number is chosen randomly between 42 (enter 4 nine times, then 6), 53 (enter 5 nine times, then 8), and 67 (enter 7 nine times, then 4).

2. Umbrella Training Facility

After the train crashes, go through the door and through the sewer water and up the ladder. When you get to the top, there's a red and green herb next to the hole and if you go around the stairs there's an ink ribbon in front of a typewriter. Also, on the floor near the typewriter are a green and red herb and on the table near the typewriter is handgun bullets.

Now, drop your things here and go back to the train wreck to get some of the more important thins that you may have left behind (ie: the hookshot).

Go in the brown single door on the first floor of the facility. Follow the hall around the corner and go in that wooden door. In this room there's empty bottles, a gas tank, red herb, and a green herb.

Now go back out and into the main hall. Go up the stairs and turn left and go into the door on that side of the staircase (around on the balcony type thing). There's a file on the coffee table, handgun bullets on the floor near the windows, and in the vanity near the wall there's a crank handle. Next, leave the room and go into the double doors behind the balancing statue (directly in front of the top of the staircase). In the right corner of the room there's handgun bullets, shotgun shells, an ink ribbon, and a typewriter. Also, in the row of desks second from the door on the left side, is a file.

Go in the door which is on the left side of this room (it's the only door that you can actually enter) and follow the narrow hallway. Go in the double doors. There's a map on the podium directly in front of you. To the right of the door there's a desk with microfilm 'a' on it. On the computer desk in the room there's an ink ribbon. You should find a lift in one corner of the room and you put the crank handle in the hole next to it. Then, you need Billy to turn the crank and Rebecca to stand on the lift.

When Rebecca gets up there, there's 2 plague crawlers, so kill them with 2 shotgun shells each. Then, pick up the shotgun shells next to the lift. There's also handgun bullets on the table and a first aid spray on the floor. Outside of the room there's 2 red and 3 green herbs. Go through the next door, down the stairs to the right (in the far corner), and into the door at the end of that hallway. You should now be back in the main hall on the second floor.

Go get Billy back and go back with him into the main hall. From there, go back into the door (on the second floor) which lead Rebecca back into the main hallway. Next, go into the door to the left. There's shotgun shells in the fireplace, napalm grenades next o the fireplace, a white statue near the blue door in the corner, and a grenade launcher on the green couch.

Now you're going to need to exit the room and head up the stairs just outside the door. Have Billy stand by those cranks on the wall and take Rebecca down the ladder and into the pool-looking thing. Have her close the cage, but not too close (if she's too close she could die). Switch to Billy and have him operate the crank then use Rebecca to pick up the fire key. After she picks it up, Billy will have to kill the "Centurion". Just use the grenade launcher or the hunting gun to kill it. It really doesn't hake too much to kill it, so don't freak out k thx.

Next, go back to that hall outside the library's double-doors. Use the fire key to open the red door at the end of this hallway. There's a table on one side of the wall, you'll want to push it in enough so that it's not pushed into the other wall and so that there's still room on the other side of it so that you can push it in front of the fireplace. There's handgun bullets and a file on the table and there's shotgun shells in the corner. Jump on top of the table and go over it to push the red button. While on the same side of the table as the button, push the table until it's under the moose head over the fireplace and climb up to get the iron needle.

Exit into the main hall and go into the double-doors on the first floor (you haven't been in them yet). It should look like a dining hall. In the back of the room there's some handgun bullets on a table. There's also handgun bullets on a table near the door (the one you used to come into the room). You can use the fire key to open the red door in the far corner. Now you should be in a kitchen. There's lighter fluid on on of the tables in the room, combine it with Billy's lighter. There's also empty bottles and a red herb in the room. Go  back into the dining hall and go into the other door (the one you haven't been in yet) and go in the door to the right. In here you'll find the black statue, shotgun, and a gas tank. If you go up the ladder, there's 3 green herbs and a door which leads you back into the conference room (the one with student desks).

Next, head back the library. Use Billy's lighter to light the candle outside the locked door to the right, as depicted in the painting. Inside the room there's grenades on the shelf. Jump up onto the second level and push the bookshelf aside using Billy. You'll find the book of good and if you open it, you'll find the angel wings.

Take the iron needle into the clock tower and use it as the clock's minute hand (the clock is near the gears and such). Change the clock's time to 8:15. This will unlock some doors and it shows you where they are.

Go in the newly unlocked door on the second floor balcony (it's in the main hall). There's shotgun shells by the fireplace, a file by the table, microfilm 'b' by the mantle, and a green herb on a chair by the windows. Next, go down to the first floor in the main hall. Go in the single door on the first floor (not the double doors that lead into the dining hall) and go in the door at the end of the hall which should now be unlocked. Make sure you brought both of the microfilm slides with you and put them into the slide projector in order ('a' and then 'b') to get the MO disk.

Take the MO disk to the conference room and put it into the computer on the podium. Use the pass-code given and the picture of the seats to determine where to put Billy and Rebecca. After they are separately in front of the correct desks, have them push the buttons (in the order given by the pass-code). All of the doors with knights blocking them are now unlocked.

Now, go through the newly-unlocked double doors in the conference room. Go around the corner and into the next double doors. There's handgun bullets on the table near the door. There's napalm grenades by the fireplace and an ink ribbon on the round table. Check the chessboard on the rectangle desk. Here's how to move the pieces: move the white king towards the door (past the black pawn) and then move it to the side so that you can push it into the same place as on the mini chessboard. After the pieces are correctly arranged, you'll get the book of evil which will open to give you the black wing and a file.

Go into the next room which is down this hall. You'll find 2 first aid sprays between the beds, 2 blue herbs on the shelf in the direction of the foot of the beds, and some green chemical in the green tank in the corner.

Now, combine the black wing with the black statue and the angel wings with the angel statue to get the statue of evil and the statue of good. Put them on opposite sides of the scale on the woman statue in front of the conference room (in the main hall). This moves the large painting of Marcus to reveal a staircase.

3. Training Facility Basement

You'll go down the stairs now, one character at a time (that way spiders don't attack your idle char), to the door at the end of the hallway. After you've gotten both characters into the room you'll pick up the file and handgun bullets on the table. There's a green and blue herb on the floor and in the corner of the room there's a typewriter, ink ribbon, and a map.

In the next room you'll need Billy to give Rebecca a boost into the air vent on one of the walls. When she gets through, go forward and right to pick up the file on the ground. Then go to the other side and adjust the power supply control panel. Switch it up, up, down, up. This unlocks 3 new locations.

Rebecca will now fall into a hole. As Billy, you'll want to go into that metal door that was unlocked in the hall with the spiders. There's 3 boxes of handgun bullets on the table, gas tank near the door, and there's shotgun  shells in the corner with the film equipment. Now, go into the main hall and into the dining hall. Go into the door near the zombie. Go down the small set of the stairs and around the boiler. There's 2 green herbs, 1 red one, and 1 blue one. Go down the stairs and into the room that blinks red on your map (on the way to the door, you'll find handgun bullets). Then Billy goes into some unbelievable story about his past and there's an ink ribbon and a typewriter in the room.

Next, leave the room and you can do the puzzle with the animal statues. You have to light a fire next to the animals in this order: deer, wolf, horse, tiger, snake, eagle. Once you've done that, the gate will open. Go down the hall and into the first room. In the fireplace is the unity tablet and empty bottles are on the table. Leave and go in the room at the end of the small hallway. In there you'll find an ink ribbon and a file on the table near the door.

Now, go down the stairs behind the door next to the door where Rebecca fell in the hole. Go into the first door in the hall. There's the locker key and a first aid spray on the crates.

In the double-doors down at the end of the hall leave Billy downstairs and take Rebecca upstairs. Upstairs there's 2 handgun bullets, and a pack of shotgun shells. Use the locker key to open the double-doored locker and you'll get the duralumin case. Examine the front of the case to turn the dial. If you examine it from a different angle, your character will notice the number "385" written on the case. That's the code that you need to open it. Inside is handgun parts that you can mix with the handgun to get the custom handgun. If you look carefully on your screen at the bottom row of cabinets, you'll notice that one of them is open a bit and there is something shining inside. There's magnum ammo inside the cabinet.

Go over to the control panel and push the L button, have Billy pick up the acid grenades and then stay there. Have Rebecca push the center button and have Billy move forward again. Have Rebecca push the L button again and have Billy push that shiny red button and bam! Hunters! After you kill them, pick up the water key, which is in one of the cages.

4. Umbrella Training Facility... Again

Go all the way back to the art storage room (go into the main hall, up the stairs, turn right, go in that door, and go into the next door down that hall). You can go into the blue door with the water key. Once inside, go into the first door that you come to. Turn left and on the wall straight that way, you'll find the vise handle.

Go back into the hallway outside and into the next door down the hall. There's empty bottles on the table near the door. Have Billy play the piano (even though Rebecca plays "Moonlight Sonata" in RE1, it turns out that is the only song that she even remotely knows how to play), you could have Rebecca try though if you want a laugh. In the room that opens up, you'll find magnum ammo, empty bottles, and a battery in the back wall. To get the battery, have Rebecca pick it up, and when the wall closes, have Billy play the piano again to reopen the room.

Leave and go in the last door in the hall. Now, in this next hall, go in the door in front of you and go right. There's vise grip whatever-the-hecks, so use the vice handle on the one in the middle to get the obedience tablet.

In the next room down the hall, there's handgun ammo, first aid spray, empty bottles, a green herb, and a red herb.

Next, you're going to want to go outside through the double doors at the very beginning of the training facility. Turn left and go against the wall to find the battery slot. Put the battery in it and bring the lift down. Have Billy jump over the box and push it forward enough to push it towards the front doors. Now push the box so that it's next to the tall column with the sparkly thing on the top. Jump on and pick up the discipline tablet.

Now, take all 3 tablets into the room where you fought the Centurion (giant centipede) and go into the now-unlocked double doors. (they were locked a while back) Right inside the door there's handgun bullets. Go around the down the ladder. In the middle there's slots for the tablets, put them in place and ta-da! The double doors up the ladder are unlocked!

5. Laboratory

Go through the new double doors and across the bridge. Have Rebecca go right- into the little hut thing. Pick up the shotgun shells and step onto the square next to them to open the main door. Have Billy then go inside the church-type thing and go into the door in the corner to find a typewriter, napalm grenades, a first aid spray, shotgun shells, and an ink ribbon. Go to leave and you'll have to fight the Infected Bat boss. Not really too hard. Just use the grenade launcher with napalm grenades and try to stay in the darkness near the front door. The bat(s) are attracted to light.

Now that you know how to get into the church, you're gonna want to backtrack and bring a lot of your stuff with you. So go back through those double doors and you're in a diff place now! Check your map and find your route back to all of your stuff. Bring your important things with you into this new area.

Next, you'll need Rebecca to use the hookshot to get up onto the roof of the church. On the inside you'll notice that there's a hole in the ceiling, she can get up through there. Go down the ladder and flip the power switch next to it, then you can pick up the green and red herbs near the gate in the corner. Then unlock the gate when you exit it. Near the elevator you'll find 2 green herbs and 1 red herb.

Grab Billy and head down the elevator. You'll, again, want to bring as many items as possible with you. At the end of the hall there's a green herb, there's also a door. In the room there's a first aid spray on the shelf near the door and on the small table at the end of the row of shelves, there's a file. In the other direction, there's a typewriter and ink ribbon.

Have Rebecca bring the hookshot over around the shelves and use it to get up through the ceiling. There's a chair near the table when you get up with a file on it. There's a gas tank on the shelf near the table and around the corner on that shelf there's empty bottles. Look at the glowing blue and push the button. You'll get the leech capsule. There's a map on the wall around the next corner. Leave and go around the next corner in the hallway go in the door on the wall right. In this room there's a gas tank, green herb, empty bottles, typewriter, and ink ribbon. Go out and press the red switch near the first door you came out of, then go in the door at the end of the hallway. There's shotgun shells on the shelf near the door and a file on the table. Near the operating controls for the gas chamber there's red chemical, mix it with the green chemical to get the stripping agent to use on the leech capsule and get the blue leech charm.

Go in the double doors. There's empty bottles in the corner near the doors, first aid spray on a shelf, another on a patient bed, and a file on the ground. There's also a transporting elevator near the door which connects to the reference room where you left Billy.

Now, switch to Billy. You'll want him to have the moltov cocktails because there's a leech zombie outside the room you left him in. Also send him the blue leech charm. Leave and go down the newly-opened hallway (thanks to pushing that red button). Directly in front of you is red chemical and around the corner there's a red and a green herb. Use the blue leech charm on the door at the end of the hallway.

Once inside, go along the wall with the fish tank to the desk. On the other side of the desk on the shelf near the door there's the input regulator coil and a file. Through the next door in the room, on the white statue, is the green leech charm. Send Rebecca the green leech charm and the moltov cocktails. Have Rebecca use the green charm on the door in the operating room. There's handgun bullets near the door and at the end of the walkway there's 2 handgun bullets and there's the sterilizing agent. Head back to the laboratory-looking room and use the sterilizing agent on the gas chamber. Inside is the breeding room key. Leave the room and go back into that hallway, you use the key on that locked door. Around the corner, hunters attack you and then pick up the file near the cages. In one of the large cages at the end is the dial.

Send the dial to Billy and have him use it on the locked door in his hallway and enter the numbers 4863. Go in and pull the lever on the wall with the door, once the ladder moves, pick up the output regulator coil. Directly in front of the door you entered the room through there's a hole in the ceiling. Have Rebecca use the hookshot to get up into the small office on the second floor. There's shotgun shells in the corner. You can drop the hookshot, you won't need it anymore. Have Billy examine the main control panel in the office and insert the output and input regulators.

Make sure your characters are all suited up and ready to go. Rebecca should have the magnum ammo and the moltov cocktails. Once ready to leave this area, go to enter the tram.

Once Billy's carried away, go back up into the office and fix the output regulator. Once it's back in place, hop on the tram and steal the magnum from the dead body. Them pull the lever in front to start it up.

6. Factory

Once out of the cable car, there's 2 green herbs on the ground. Go up both sets of stairs and into that door. Go to the edge and use the lift. Walk around and into the next door. Walk around the machine and in the corner there's the "up" key. On the way back to the door, 2 hunters jump out. Go back up the lift and the door up there enters into a save room. In here there's handgun bullets, a green and red herb, ink ribbon, typewriter, map, grenade rounds, and a first aid spray in the swung-open cabinet. Across the way from the cabinet use the "up" key on it. Leave the room and go onto the new platform. Operate the yellow control panel. Go towards the rusted elevator. (doesn't this area look familiar? RE2?) After Enrico leaves, pick up the elevator key and go to the other side of the platform and use the key to open the elevator. The Proto-Tyrant pops out, just unload your magnum on him and he'll fall. No big fight here.

Then go into the elevator and go to level 2. Level 1 is at the crash site from the beginning of the game and the other 2 levels are for other things.

There's magnum ammo near the door. On barrels further down there's handgun bullets and all the way down there's a green and red herb. The door at the end leads back to the tram. Now, head back to the save room and grab everything you plan on taking to the next stage which is on level 4.

7. Treatment Plant

Go in the double doors. There's a gas tank near the doors. Go across the grated bridge and near the door there's a green herb. In the room there's handgun bullets, typewriter, and ink ribbon. Operate the wall opposite from the typewriter with the blinking lights. Move the active square down one and push A, then move it down 4 and push A, then move it up 4, right 2, down 2, and left 1 and push A. Go down the elevator and around the computers. Grab the empty bottles on the side of the control panel on the end. There's a green and red herb near the door. In the door at the end of the next hallway, you'll find a map and empty bottles. Go down the stairs. There's a red and green herb near the next door. In the next room there's shotgun shells. In the next doors you'll find Billy.

Go back 2 doors and you'll have to solve the water tank puzzle. To do this, have Rebecca stand at the control podium and have Billy climb down the ladder into the empty pool. Have Billy push the metal box to the right and jump on top of it. Have Rebecca rotate the access gate right. Have Billy get off the box and push it forward in the direction of the ladder all the way to the corner. Push the wooden crate (closest to the ladder) in the direction opposite the ladder all the way against the other wall. Move the other wooden crate (left near the ladder) against the wall with the ladder and then south, against the other one. Jump behind it into that small inset. Have Rebecca move the gate left. Have Billy now push the box in front of him against the wall opposite of him and get on top of it. Have Rebecca rotate the gate left again. Next have Billy push the grate into the corner to line up with the other two. Now, get Billy out and have Rebecca fill the tank up. Billy can now walk across to the other side. Have Billy pick up the handle and exit through the door near the ladder, with Rebecca, and through the billiards room. Use the handle on the door in that hallway. If you go up the ladder inside the room, you'll find a file and 2 green herbs and 1 red herb.

Go right (from the position of you standing in front of the door as if you'd just walked in) and in the corner down there are handgun bullets. Go all the way in the other direction and into the next door. Inside, at the end of the hall, is a save room with 2 handgun bullets, napalm grenades, first aid spray, ink ribbon, green and red herb, and a file. Go on through to the next halls and next room. Go left and in the next corner there's shotgun shells and a file, and there's napalm grenades behind the fence that you can get.

Have Billy go down the elevator and around the water in the middle and he'll meet up with the Proto-Tyrant. I just used the shotgun because I had excess shotgun shells, but you can pretty much use whatever you want. I wouldn't advise bringing Rebecca with though because she dies easily.

Have Billy go all the way around the water and push the green button. A ladder comes down. Go up the ladder and you'll find the motherboard, which looks like it fell out of something. Then head back to Rebecca.

You'll see a sort of window thing in the room where Rebecca is. Next to that, put the motherboard in the control panel. A gondola will pull up to the window, have Rebecca hop in. Have her turn the lever to the floodgate, which is on the control panel in front of the window. Switch to Billy.

Go back down the elevator and into the door. Next to the ladder there's 2 green herbs. Cross the damn to the door at the other side. Turn left and there's 2 things of shotgun shells in the corner and if you'd have gone right, there's handgun bullets and the door you're entering next. Go through the door and up the stairs. There's industrial water and acid grenades in the room above. Rebecca is in the door near the stairs along with acid grenades in the far corner.

Go back out and down the stairs. Have Billy give Rebecca a boost up to pick up the empty battery on the high shelf. Now mix red and blue chemicals to get sulfuric acid, which you must combine with industrial water to get battery fluid. Mix the fluid with the empty battery to get the high-power battery.

Use the high-power battery on the forklift outside. Have Rebecca stand on the crate and have Billy operate it. You'll get the key card. Go back inside and to the place where you got the empty battery. Go into the door down there and use the key card on the magnetic card reader next to the creepy door. At the end of the next breezeway there is magnum ammo.

In the next room you fight the Queen Leech's first form. Use what you like on it. In one of the four corners of the room there's magnum ammo and halfway through the fight the Queen will mutate. Afterward, the Queen gives you two shaft keys. Find the double doors and have Rebecca an Billy each operate on of the machines on either side of it. Use the shaft keys on them.

In the next room there's an ink ribbon, typewriter, shotgun shells, 2 red and 2 green herbs, 2 first aid sprays, grenades, and napalm grenades. Step onto the lift and activate it to be taken into the final boss fight.

Inflict some damage on the 2nd form of the Leech monster and then you have to open the window overhead. Use your best weapons to distract the Queen from Rebecca. Rebecca must be allowed time to turn all of the valves in the room to open the window. Once that's done, the game's over.

The End