Here it is! Not sure if anyone was exactly anticipating it, but here it is... Whenever I say "go left" or "go right" I mean that you should go to Jill's left or right, not the right or left it looks like by the camera view. I do this because the view on the camera can change and it can get confusing. You always know which left or right I really mean...

Since this is your first time playing, (I'm assuming this because you're reading my walkthrough), at the beginning screen select "HIKING", it's code for "EASY", heh heh. This is a walkthrough for Jill, so select Jill. Although, I'm sure some of the details may be used in Chris's game as well, just not all of them. For example, in Chris's game, you get the assault shotgun from Richard after he dies in the water ring, not in the room with the giant snake.

Oh yes, also, you'll find that the important items are highlighted in blue letters and the lesser important ones are in red.

Table of contents (for easier finding):

1. Mansion
2. To and from Cabin/In the Cabin
3. To and from Guardhouse/In the Guardhouse (Residence)
4. Mansion Revisited
5. To and from Underground Mining Area
6. Lisa and Laboratory

1.) Mansion

When you enter the dining room there's an ink ribbon on the table. Run over to Barry and listen to him talk. Afterward, go to the fireplace. Above it is the emblem. Go in the door to the right of the fireplace. Turn left and watch the video of the zombie. Don't shoot it! Run back to Barry; the zombie is a complete waste of bullets. Run back into the main hallway. Run behind the staircase once and go in a circle, when you're about to go around again Barry will speak.

Go into the brown double doors opposite from the dining room. This part is a tad tricky. You have to push the dresser enough to get behind the curtained hall, but not all the way over. Then, go into the hall and push it forward. After that, just push it over to the statue and get the map of the 1st floor. In the curtain room there's a dagger and file. When you go to leave a zombie pops out. Kill it, then go ahead and leave the room.

Go back into the dining room and into the hall on the side. Go examine Kenneth's body to find his video tape. Go in the door near his body; next to the birdcage is a handgun magazine and two green herbs near the staircase. Go up the stairs and into the next room. Walk past the zombie to find two green herbs on the ground. Pick up the gold arrow on the statue down the hall and the handgun magazine in front of the mirror. Examine the arrow to get the arrowhead.

Go back out into the hallway and into the door at the top of the staircase in the middle, straight up, (yeah that's the one, with the painting). The arrowhead fits into the stone picture of a cupid. Go down the stairs and get the book of the curse from beneath the coffin. Examine the book to get the sword key. After you go up go to the right and there's shotgun shells in the far corner among the trees.

Leave and go left up the stairs, go in the first door. (This is the red hallway.) Down the hallway on a stand you'll get the wooden mount. Go into the door at the end of the hall. On the table next to the door you'll get the dog whistle and a file and a handgun magazine on the table next to it. On the desk in the opposite corner across the room there's a file and the lighter. Go out the next door and down the stairs. Next to the stairs there's a green herb. Go into the save room next to the stairs. In the save room you'll find a file, a handgun magazine, and a fuel canteen. In the corner is a kerosene jug.

Go in the room at the end of the hall in the staircase above if you like. Use your lighter on the fireplace and then use the wooden mount on the picture, you'll get the map of the 2nd floor. Also, there's two green herbs and a red one near the door.

Now go back downstairs toward the save room. Go out the door at the end of the hallway around the corner from it. Turn left and go through the double doors and into the next hall. Follow the hallway past the windows and go into the door right around the  corner. In the bathroom examine the bathtub and remove the plug. after Jill kills the zombie, there'll be a dagger in the tub.

Go through the door at the end of the hall. I'm sorry you're going in this direction down this hall. If you had gone the other direction the dogs wouldn't necessarily jump out. Anyway, if you push the first shelf aside, there's a handgun magazine underneath it. This also works on the first shelf around the corner, however, you'll find a dagger instead.

In the main hall you'll run into Barry and he'll give you some acid shells. Go through the double doors above the dining room. Don't shoot the zombie, it's a waste of bullets. Do, however, get the dagger on the right wall and push the statue on the opposite side of the walkway over the ledge. Go through the door at the end of the right side (the second door in the row if you were to be standing at the entrance from which you entered). Walk down the stairs and down the hall. Always walk down this hall! Go in the door on the right side near the door at the end of the hall. On the shelf in the corner there's a battery pack and the broken shotgun. In the desk there's an ink ribbon. Also, there's another kerosene jug in this room, so make a mental note of that.

Now go in the save room, which is near the bottom of the stairs. Get the dog whistle out of your box and some herbs. You might want to save also.

Go up the stairs and to the door which is near the door you came in from the second floor of the dining room. You'll notice there are some potted herbs out here. You can't carry them, but you can use them. Run all the way to the other door. This way nothing can attack you from all sides. Blow the whistle. Two dogs will come to attack you, kill them quickly with your handgun so they don't kill you instead. Pick up the dog collar, open it up in the front, then examine the back side of the coin to get the imitation key.

Go back downstairs in the dining room and go into that door at the end of the side hall, next to Kenneth's body. Go up the stairs, I usually walk into this room due to my fear of the crows, but I'm not sure if that matters. Hurry past that zombie, it's crazy! And into the door, go up the stairs and take the armor key, put the imitation key in its place

Head to a save room and drop off some things. Make sure you have four empty spaces. Oh, btw, the blue gemstone is now on the floor in the dining room where you dropped the statue. Go in the second door on the opposite side of the main hall to the dining room (upstairs that is). There's a handgun magazine on the table and around the corner is Forest's dead body and a grenade launcher. Pick up the grenade launcher and the herbs around the corner. If Barry's not in the room Forest will come back to life as a crazy crimson zombie! I took him out with the grenade launcher. I don't play with crimson heads, they're crazy!

If you go back to the save room that is downstairs from the "red hallway" you'll find that Barry has dropped you off some items. You'll find two first aid sprays, two handgun magazine, and some incendiary shells (flame rounds).

Ready to do the "crow hallway puzzle"? Go through that door with the broken knob (it's near the save room down stairs from the red hall) and into the door on the opposite side of the hall. This puzzle is pretty simple, although it takes some thought. Look at the picture at the very end of the hall. The colors of the crown, necklace, and bracelet are noteworthy. Look at the pictures on the walls press the switches to change the colors. When you find the ones that change the jewelry to the correct colors in the stained glass leave those switches pushed. Then, press the switch on the picture of the woman. The colors of the stained glass people wearing the jewelry have to match the colors of the woman's  jewelry. The wall will lift up. Go through and pick up the mask w/out a mouth.

Now, you can do the "knight puzzle". Go in the green double doors down the "red hallway". The object of this puzzle is to get all the knights against the wall. I just kept trying until I got it right. But, if you'd like to know how I did it, I pushed them all in starting from the one in the left bottom corner, going clockwise. Then I pushed in the bottom left again and then the bottom right. Push the switch on the table in the middle of the room to reveal the jewelry box. In your inventory examine the box. Mess with the switch until you open it. Then you'll get the mask w/out all.

Go down the "dog hallway" with a lot of inventory spaces and your grenade launcher and your broken shotgun. Go in the metal door to your right after you walked through that hall there's dogs in here (yes plural), that's why you have the grenade launcher. Around the corner you'll find the herbicide, three red herbs, and two green herbs.

Leave and continue down this hallway and zombies will come out of the windows. You'll want to go in the door near the end of the hall, not the one at the end. Take the shotgun off the wall and replace it with the broken one. However, I think that if Barry saved you from Forest that this isn't necessary. Pick up the dagger and ink ribbon that are on the table. You can go back and burn those zombies if you like.

Now, go above the dining room, down the stairs, and to the end of the hall. Don't run! Go in the door and inside, on the table, there's a battery pack. Walk to the door at the end of this hall, going forward. Looking at the screen, you'll see a tank in the corner. Go there and pour the herbicide into the water pump and turn the switch to red. Now go forward. There's five green herbs to the side of the dead plant and on the back wall you'll find the mask w/out eyes. When you walk out the zombies will burst through the windows. Go to the door which you used to enter the hallway and turn. When you get to the next turn, turn. There's a dagger on the table. Go out of the small hall thing and go in the door on the wall opposite from it. On the bed there's a handgun magazine. Look on the desk and read the classic "keeper's diary". (Itchy. Tasty. ^.^) Go towards the closet and a zombie will come out and the "dead" zombie near the door will come back to life. In the closet you'll get a battery pack, which I feel wasn't worth the bullets...

Go back to your box and get the blue gemstone. Go back to the door down the "short hall" next to the table where you just got the dagger. Put the blue gemstone into the tiger statue. You'll get some shotgun shells.

Go back to the "red hallway" and out so that you're above the save room. Go in the locked door near the staircase. There is a green herb and a red herb in the corner right when you walk in. Go into the room to your left (the one that's locked). You may or may not run into Barry, who will show you the researcher's will. I strongly think his appearance here is dependant on which door you go in first here or if he's by Forest. But the whole situation with what triggers his appearances still confuses me. Maybe it's completely random. In any case, if he didn't give you the file, it's on the desk. Next, you'll want to take the lure of a bee out of the case on the wall next to the bookshelf. Don't push the switch yet. Go back by the aquarium and take the fish hook off of the wall. Combine the lure of the bee and the fish hook. Next, take the bee specimen from the case next to the door. Put the lure of a bee in its place. Then, put the bee specimen in the lure of a bee's place. Push the switch and pick up the wind crest. Kill the bee.

Now, go into the room on  he opposite side of the room that you're in now. There's a first aid kit on the chair. There's also an ink ribbon on the table in the corner. I still don't understand the significance of the footprints under the bed. You'd almost expect something to grab at Jill's feet, but, guess not.

Go back into the red hallway and into the only locked room that you haven't been in. Now you have to go back to the medicine save room to get serum for Richard. You have to do this right away. (I remember one time on REDC I just farted around doing whatever and by the time I got the serum to Richard, he was dead.) Look on the shelf next to your box to get the serum. Head back to Richard. Fun, neh? There are two green herbs around the column in the middle of the room. Pick them up and make sure you have room in your inventory and that you have your lighter.

Go in the room... Ok... Go back in the room where Richard was and go into the next door. Kill the zombie in the hall right away! It's a feisty one... Go into the door down that hall. There's a handgun magazine on the table. There's candles on the other side of the table that you must light. Push the cabinet aside and kill the surprise zombie inside. In the cabinet in there, you'll find a musical score. Also, in the corner of the room on the shelf with glasses, there are shotgun shells.

Now head into the dining room. Kill that zombie in the side hall. Go to the end of the side hall and around the elevator and then down the stairs. There's a dagger and a handgun magazine on the table with the meat. Anyway, now go get the musical score you found and go in the door at the hall, which is right before you get to the elevator. There's an ink ribbon on the bar. Go around the room and push the front shelf aside from the other and combine the musical score with the one you have and you'll get moonlight sonata. Go to the piano and play the song and the wall will open up. Read the file on the ground and take the gold emblem. Then replace it with the other one to reopen the wall. Head back into the dining room and put the gold emblem above the fireplace where you found the other one. The clock will open. Turn the gears so that the large one is on the 6 and the small one is on the 12, then collect the shield key.

Yay! Time to fight the snake! Grab yourself some herbs, your grenade launcher, and ammo and mosey on over to Richard. Go in the back and into the door with the rickety stairs. there are shotgun shells on the shelf. Walk towards the other side of the room and the snake will jump out. Richard will try to help and the snake will eat him. Shoot at the snake a bit more and it will retreat. Go to the back of the room in the corner where the snake went and pick up the mask w/out nose. Also, be sure to pick up the assault shotgun that Richard conveniently dropped. When you go back in the room where Richard was there'll be a zombie. If you don't shoot it now, it will burst through the door and you'll have to waste kerosene on it.

Now you need to use those masks. Don't worry, all you have to kill is some stupid acid-spitting zombie. I took the assault shotgun, ammo, mixed herbs, a green herb and the four masks. Go to the main hall. Go through the door straight there when you were to go up the stairs, (the one with a painting over it). Go down into that area with the coffin strapped to the ceiling. Use the masks in the order according to what the statues are missing. Don't be alarmed! It's just a zombie... Be like Jill and go to investigate the coffin. The zombie will come out. Just shoot it. In the coffin press the switch and pick up the stone and metal object. Then get the shotgun shells to the side. Man, I remember the first time I did this I almost wet my pants! But see, just a zombie... I didn't even use an herb. ^.^

Go back into the mansion through the crow hallway. Now go through that door in the very corner and kill the dog. Use the stone and metal object to unlock the door. In the next room you'll find shotgun shells, a battery pack, and a first aid spray. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs.

2.) To and From Cabin/In the Cabin

Make the red wind vane face west and make the blue one face north. To do this, I checked what the dog statues said, then read the directions sign and made the appropriately colored wind vanes face the right direction. Now go through the gate. Keep going straight and follow the path. In front of the cabin there are two green herbs.

Go into the living room and up the stairs to get the map of the courtyard. Go into the room up the stairs to find a file by the typewriter. Around the corner is your box. Continue back behind your box to find the square crank. Now you might want to save cause you're about to encounter Lisa for the first time. Go to leave and you have to fight her. I used the shotgun. I shot her twice and ran. Go back to the mansion.

3.) To and From Guardhouse/In the Guardhouse (Residence)

Go through the other door in the same room as the door that you used to get to the cabin. Make sure you have the square crank with you.

There's a green herb and a blue herb on the ground to the right. Go in the gate which is up the small set of stairs and go left. Use the square crank on the square-shaped hole. Then go down the ladder and up on the other side. Go in the elevator and there's an herb across the way and go in the gate. There's a red herb on the ground. Follow the path to the guardhouse.

Walk forward to find three blue herbs. Go back and turn down the hall and go into the door to the right. There's a first aid spray on the floor and a battery pack and ink ribbon on the shelf.

Go in the double doors at the end of the hall, bring the lighter. In the corner to the right of the door you'll see a green herb and candle. Light the candle and write down the color and the symbol. To the other side of the door there's another green herb. Go down the stairs, on the bar there's a first aid box and red book. On the left table there's shotgun shells and on the right is another candle. Again, light it and write down the color and the symbol. Go up the stairs and light the candle in the corner. Write the stuff down. Look at the pool balls. Write down the numbers of the correctly colored pool balls next to the color and symbol information

There's a box out in the hall. Move it so that it covers the large hole next to the other box. Jump onto the box and go through the door. I like to walk down the first half of the hallway, since there's that open window and all... At the very end of the hall you'll find the map of the residence. (It annoys me so much to call it the residence.) Go to walk into Room 002. You'll hear Wesker and Barry talking, then walk in. On the desk you'll find the Plant 42 report. over the left shelf back and the right shelf to reveal a staircase. Go in the bathroom in the room. The key to Room 001 is on the shelf. When you go to leave, kill the zombie.

Now head to Room 001. On the chair near the bed there's a handgun magazine. On the desk you'll find a self-defense gun, suicide note, and another handgun magazine. Go into the bathroom. You'll hear the hanged man drop! Pull out the plug in the bathtub and get the control room key. Then hurry and get out of Room 001. No sense in wasting ammo!

Go back to Room 002 and down the ladder. Ahh... The box puzzle. Quite simple. :P As you're walking down the hall you'll see three boxes. The last one you see, push it into the water. Do the same with the second. Now, push the one left so it's in about the same place as the second one. Then push it into the water. You can go across the boxes now and pick up the green herb. Then, go through the door. You'll want to pull up your map. See the door all the way around that's locked? Go in that door. This part is tricky. Go down the ladder. Go by the computers to the right. (They're on the right when you're facing the computers that are behind the ladder.) Press the switch to drain the water. Now, facing the drain water switch, go to the computers to the right and release the safety. Turn around and activate the pressure shelter. Then, leave the computer room and turn the valve #1. Then, release the safety again. Now, drain the water. There's a map of the aqua ring on the wall behind the table and there's a first aid kit by the valves.

Go through the door down that skinny hall opposite the valves. Go left and over by the boxes, stand closest to the middle of them and face right. You'll find grenade shells. Go in the metal double doors. Run around the ring, avoiding sharks, and get up on the metal grated area. When you go to get the shiney item, the big shark will thrash about. Push that green thing into the water and then look at the generator thing and pull the lever. Now it's safe to pick up the gallery key. Go back out of this area. Go in the gate doors. There's magnum rounds on the box. Go up the ladder. Go through the door and back up the ladder.

Go into the door in the hall with the mat in front of it. There's bees, so don't walk! hehe... Ok, go back in the room and find the dead guy, examine him to get the insecticide spray. Now go out and to where you found the map in the hall at the end. Use the insecticide spray in the hole to kill the bees. Now you can go back in the gallery. There's a handgun magazine on the small table in the middle of the room. At the hive you'll find the key for Room 003 and a red herb. Also, there's another red herb by the double doors.

Go into Room 003 with the red book. There's an ink ribbon near the door. Take the white book off the shelf and put the red book in its place. Arrange the books to look like a naked woman. (ooh lala!) Go in the bathroom and pull the plug on the bathtub to get a dagger. Go to the door in the gallery with the key code lock in it. Use the color and symbols from the other room to pick the right numbers for the colors and symbols.

Ok, pick up the empty bottles and read the white writing on the wall. Use that code to simply  mix the chemicals. It's really not that difficult, you'll get the V-Jolt. Then go down to the aqua ring. Go into the only room you didn't go into last time. Use the V-Jolt on the roots.

Now go ahead and save if you like and go through the secret door that you revealed in Room 003. Barry may or may not save you. I think that if you used the V-Jolt then he will. You'll find the elusive helmet key in the fireplace. Now leave and go back into the hallway and Wesker will tell you to go back to the other mansion. So do it, silly.

4.) Mansion Revisited

When you get back in the room, you'll see that Barry left you two first aid sprays, acid rounds, and a battery pack. Yippee! Hunters! Grenade rounds don't have much effect! Go to your save room and get whatever you need. Next, go up the stairs and walk left to the door at the very end.

See that statue in front of you? Ok, for this puzzle you must push the statue all the way to the end with the closing walls. then you must go around the other wall and press the switch. Then, you must be fast enough to run around and push the statue to the blue square. Then, a secret door will open. You will find a battery pack and a hole.

Go down the hole, you'll find the Last Book Vol. 1, examine it and open it to find the medal of eagle. Read the file on the tomb and press the switch. Go down the ladder.

Web spinners! Go right and find a map on the wall. Continue down to find shotgun shells. Go in the door to the left, there's a red and blue herb in here along with a dagger. Go in the area with water on the floor. There's an elevator fuse switch on the wall. Push it. Go in the door at the end of the other hall. Go into the door and up the stairs to get rid of some stuff. A hunger will pop out and scare the crap out of you. Go equip and get rid of things at this point.

I'll guide you the best way (to a saver, that is). Go into the main hall through the dining room. Go up the stairs and into that door that you see first. then go into the door that leads into the crow hallway. Then leave and go back through the fixed door and to that save room, because you've already cleared the way. If you go another way, you'll have to kill hunters and that's a waste of bullets, always use a clear pathway.

Now go where Kenneth died. Go in that door. The "Kenneth door" if you will. Go up the stairs and go into the door.

The library. This is where you will encounter the snake again. Equip with something. As you walk around the corner, it bursts through the window and you'll have to go down the ladder to fight it in a more open area. When it falls, go behind the book shelf to find the Last Book Vol. 2. Examine and open it to get the medal of wolf.

Now, go around and upstairs above the dining room. Go towards the doors on the passageway above the dinning room and go into the second one. Go around the stairs and into the first door.

Ah yes, this puzzle... See that eagle? You can't get gems out of either heads while it can see you. Arrange the shelves or whatever so that they're ready for you to climb up and get the gems from the animal heads. Then, turn off the lights and run so that you're against the same wall as the eagle. Run to both heads using this technique. You can get them before the eagle can catch up. You'll get the red and the yellow gemstones this way. Also, beneath the deer head are grenade shells, on the table is a file, and on the wall near the oxen head is a dagger.

Go into the door on the first floor on the opposite side from the dining room and next to the room with the statue. Pick up the notebook clearly visible on the shelf. Then go around the corner to the back to get the ink ribbon out of the desk. Now, go in the door at the end of the small hall in this room. There's a dagger and a green herb on the ground in this room. Also, potted blue herbs. There's a jewelry box on the shelf.

Combine the red jewel with the jewelry box and then arrange the pieces to fit in the umbrella shape. You'll get a broach, which changes into the emblem key when examined.

Go into the dining room and into the side hallway. Cross over the hall and go into the tiger room. Put the yellow gemstone into the eye socket to get an MO disc.

Go to the hallway where you'd go to enter the crow hallway. The door next to the door that used to be broken is the door that you open with the key.

There's a switch on the desk, which turns the lamp on. There's a metal object and a battery pack on the shelf. There's shotgun shells in the small desk bearing the black phone.

Go to the hall next to the dining room. Go all the way right and go down the stairs. Walk into the kitchen, slowly around the zombie and go into the elevator.

From the elevator go right and into the small ammo closet. There's a battery pack, battery, acid shells, and magnum rounds. Also, next to the elevator on the left side there's two green herbs and a red one.

5.) To and From Underground Mining Area

Time to leave the mansion again! Go to the back door and bring the square crank and the battery. Go across the pathway in the water and go down the elevator. go to the broken elevator and put the battery in the wall next to it. Go up that elevator. Go back around to the path in the water. Use the crank to make the water go over it. Now go back around and down the other elevator.

You can now go into the waterfall and down the ladder. (Like Jill couldn't have just walked through the water..) Anyways, I like to walk down here because sometimes hunters pop out if you run, but that's me... Continue down the path. There's a blue herb. Go further to find your box and typewriter complete with an ink ribbon.

Go back to the ladder and go in the door. Go left and into the next door. There's a green herb on the ground. Keep going and turn into the little area. Look at the thing in the middle, open the lid to get the shaft. Go around to the other side of the hole to get the handgun magazine. There's another handgun magazine on the ground near the other door.

Go in the door. Here you'll encounter Enrico, leader of STARS Bravo team. He's holding the hexagon crank. Keep going out the next door and then go the other way. Next to the boulder there's acid shells.

Go back to your box. Go around the corner to find a hexagonal hole in the wall. Use your hexagon crank to move the walls so that there isn't a hole in the ground. There's a green herb next to the door on the other side of where the hole used to be. Go in the door and around the corner and up towards the boulder. When you go back the boulder will roll. Just run where and turn in by the door. Where the boulder once was, there's shotgun shells. The boulder has revealed a new door! There's a big spider (forget what it's called, it's bigger than a web spinner) in it. Use grenade shells to kill it fast. Get the survival knife out of the corner and equip it. use it to get rid of the webs on the next door and go in.

To the left of the door there's two blue herbs and a green one, also on the wall is a map. To the other side, there's a door. Go in the door and use the hexagonal crank to move the walls so that the left side is open. The boulder will start to roll. Hurry and run into the new passageway opened by the crank. Then, go in the door in the passageway.

Here's a puzzle. You have to push the loose statue in the direction of the door until it's on a discolored portion of the wall. Then, use the hexagon crank in the hole in the wall to push it out. Use it again to make the wall go back in. Now push it to the circle on the floor. Push it off and back on until it's facing the same direction out as the other statue. Now push the statue into the slot in the wall. When this is done, you'll get the cylinder, the other part to the shaft. Leave and go left. At the end of the hall there's a first aid kit.

Combine the cylinder and the shaft, then examine the cylinder shaft and turn it until the Roman numerals. Now, put it back where you found the shaft and press the buttons in the order of the Roman numerals. Now go to get on the elevator. push the elevator switch and Barry will join you.

Walk out onto the docks to find a handgun magazine and a box.

Lisa is on the other side of the door. The path splits up. Look at your map. Whichever way you want to go, go the opposite way because that's where she'll come from. Then, turn around and go where you want to. On the map, you'll want to go toward the unlocked door. Near the staircase you'll find a red herb and a green herb.

Once inside the room, you can climb up the crates in the corner to get to the battery pack, magnum rounds, and handgun magazine. Then, push the big crate onto the moving device over the water. Then, push the switch next to it to start it up. Return to the docks. Go to leave with Barry, he'll leave you! (What a ho!) Go down the ladder on the dock and push the crate off of the lift. Push it off the edge in the corner. Push the switch near the red light. Then jump down to pick up the broken flame thrower. Go back in the Lisa hall. You'll need to go right. Pull the lever on the wall and run to the locked door. Put the broken flame thrower over the arm-thingies sticking out of the wall. Now, go in the door.

Go around the table and into the water. Run to the other side. On one table in the room you'll find a jewelry box with candles around it. Look at the top of it to open it and you get the stone ring. You'll also get a file on the bed. There's a dagger. Go up the ladder. Go left to find a blue herb and a green herb. Go right to find another ladder. Ascend it. You're back in the cabin. And you thought you were lost. (Well, you probly are since I give such crappilicious directions!)

Save and grab the wind crest. Leave and head toward the mansion, but stop near the two graves in the woods. Put the wind crest in the right grave and pick up the moon crest, star crest, and sun crest. On the backs of the three crests are buttons that make grooves stick out. These correspond to the grooves in the other grave. Put them in to get the magnum! (Yippee!)

6.) Lisa and Laboratory

When you get back to the mansion take out the stone and metal object. (Remember, you used it to unlock the door?) Now you can go down the path under the staircase. Combine the stone object with the metal object to get the other stone and metal object. Take the two to the main hall. Put the stone and metal objects in the door underneath the staircase and walk in. There's a box on your way down. Continue down the path and down the ladder at the end. You'll find Barry. When Lisa comes out, give Barry back his magnum and knock the stones off of the platform. Inside the coffin is a file.

Go get the medal of eagle and of wolf. Now, go down the hallway and up the elevator (from where you fought Lisa of course). Around the pool are eagle and wolf depressions on the statues, put the medals in them accordingly and then take the stairs down into the laboratory.

Go down the ladder. there's an ink ribbon on the floor near the type writer. Outside the door is kerosene and down the hall is three green herbs. All the way at the end of the hall, there's an MO disc on the desk.

Go down the stairs and all the way to the end of the hall. On the shelf across from the fan, there's a dagger and in the chair there's a handgun magazine. Go in the double doors with the stripes in front of them. Near the computer in the corner is a file. Access the computer and log in as (of course) John with the password (of course) Ada. You can unlock B-3F, which is near the staircase. Around the corner on the shelf is a battery pack and a first aid kit. On the small table near the operating bed on your way out is magnum rounds.

Go in the double doors near the staircase. There's a first aid kit on the ground near the door. Go in the door to your left. There's incendiary shells in the sink and an ink ribbon on the chair near the door. Go around the corner. On the shelf there's a file. On the desk is a place to put an MO disc. On the desk near the entrance to the room you'll find a slide filter.

Leave and go into the other unlocked door in this short hallway. There's an X-ray slide across from the door. On the white board on the wall across from the computer desk is another X-ray. Examine the two X-rays to find their names. On the glowing wall with the other 2 X-rays, put Clark's in the first slot open and Gail's in the last. On the computer desk is a file. Near the door press the green switch. Look at the X-rays now. The organs are glowing. Looking at the message board, you can see the names of the body parts. Write down their first letters in order. I got "cell". Go back to the computer in the other room that you used to unlock the other door. Login again as John with Ada. Try to unlock the other door using your new word.

Go in your newly unlocked room, bring your slide filter. There's an MO disc on the shelf with the monitor. On the table there's a first aid spray. On the bookshelf there's a file. There's also a map on the wall opposite of that small room. There's already film in the slide machine, operate it. Now, use the slide filter on it. Write down the four numbers left over near the end. I got "8462". On the wall near the desk is a small device with a white light. Enter the 4-digit number you just received. It opens the small room. Go inside it. On the table is the key for the power area. Look at the monitors and you can view Kenneth's tape (remember you got it in the beginning?).

Go downstairs and to the back wall by the fan. Go into the double doors on the wall opposite from the fan. Climb up onto the table and go into the vent. Here comes the chimeras. Use the shotgun to kill them. If you go in the vent next to the one that you came in with, there's shotgun shells on the shelf. Go into the third vent. Use an MO disc on the desk and pick up the battery pack and leave.

Go into the other door with the key and directly straight from that door is a save room. There's a first aid spray and an ink ribbon on the table. There's shotgun shells on a chair and grenade rounds on the floor. Go into the double doors. Go right at the end of the hall. There's a fuel supply capsule in the machine. Get it out and bring it to the room where you first used an MO disc. Go and look at the refueling device on the wall. Refuel the capsule. While you have it, walk. Put it back where you found it. Go in the door and go straight. Use an MO disc on the machine. Go the other way. There's an MO disc on the ground. Go in the next double doors and go around to the computer. Turn the power on for the elevator. Go in the elevator and get the shotgun shells off the ground outside it when it stops. Go into the next door. You'll have to fight the Tyrant briefly here. Just run around and shoot him. Use the middle path to your advantage. Go around everything to the computer near the entrance, it will release the lock on the door. Get Barry and leave. Now that self-destruct system is activated, you can save Chris!

Leave the power area and head to the door with the three green lights. Pull the levers and go in the door. Chris is in the door on the end. There are shotgun shells in Chris's room.

Go back to the very beginning of the laboratory. Be sure to save and equip. Leave an extra space. Go in the double doors there's shotgun shells and 2 first aid kits near the door. Get the fuel unit off the ground down the hall and put it in a slot near the elevator. When you get to the top, pick up the signal rockets which are in front of the elevator; use them in the middle of the heliport. The Tyrant will come up. Use ammo on him (magnum, grenade launcher) and when the time gets to about 1:55 Brad will throw down the rocket launcher so you can finish off the Tyrant, (if he's not dead already).