Resident Evil: Gun Survivor


Scare factor: 9 

Fun factor: 7

Replay value: 5

Graphics: 5

Sound: 7

Overall: 6


Ok, so this game was kind of ehh... Lame. I know a lot of people didn't even bother to play it, even if they are a fan of the series, mostly because it just didn't make it that far.

The reason that I call it Gun Survivor though is because I started talking about it before it was released in English and that's what it was called, I also played the Japanese version, I just never started calling it "Survivor" after it was released in English.

The thing that made this game scary was the way that it was a fps. It was because you were actually in Ark's shoes, you were in the game, that made it really scary. If a hunter popped onto the screen area, you see it as if you were there, so that, for me, makes it scary.

Other than that though, there aren't very many good qualities in this game. The graphics in this game were very rushed-looking. They were very disappointing and if you've played the game then you know what I'm talking about. Also, the sound wasn't all that great either. However bad this game was, the new RE fps coming out promises to be much better than this one.