Resident Evil: Game Cube


Scare factor: 10

Fun factor: 9

Replay value: 8

Graphics: 10

Sound: 10

Overall: 9.75


Ok, so everyone knows that I'm obsessed with Resident Evil. I'm sure you're looking at those ratings going "I don't think so!" but it's really a great game. The new RE has new areas and new features to be enjoyed. It also has really scary sound effects and music; it even brings back music from the original RE and RE:DC. The backgrounds and the character details are amazing! I say that not as an obsessive RE fan, but as a gamer. The backgrounds move and have realistic shadowing. The lighting effects are so realistic that you'd think you were there. The backgrounds are so in the game, they are a part of an environment which involves the music, the background, the character, and that eerie feeling you have walking down a scary hallway all by your lonesome.

We bought this game as soon as we got a Game Cube, it was pretty much the only reason I wanted one. I'd seen the screens in the magazines, read the previews, heard from people, and all that stuff. I brought the game home and played it excitedly. That night my dad sat down with me to watch me play it for a bit to see what the hype was all about. He was even impressed. My dad absolutely hates RE, but admitted that he wouldn't mind playing this one.

The new RE has some new features also. The map is different. The rooms are now color-coded to show you which rooms you found everything in, and which rooms you may have missed something in. That's something that can help retarded people like me. In the first RE I missed something and was stuck for hours. Also, in the new RE they went back to the custom check mode where you actually have to turn the items around to see everything about it. Also, whether you walk or run can have an effect on things jumping out or not. Sometimes when walking past windows you can miss things, but if you run you could be attacked by monsters jumping through them, which can become a waste of ammo. Also, you'll find that there are new areas and that the old areas have been remodeled and different things happen in the rooms.

The bottom line is this: this game rocks!! You have to play this game to get the complete feel of it. You can't just read this and think that you know it, because you don't. The environment is so realistic, it's as if you are actually in the game. Jill's boobs even jiggle, how realistic is that? Seriously though, the only thing that I could say needs a bit of improvement would be the cut scenes. When the characters are talking or walking around it blurs a bit too much. I understand the blurring is a bit more natural than a solid figure freely moving around in the environment, but I think that they overdid it just a tad. Other than that, this game is flawless and if you are a RE fan, like me, you will get tingly all over from the first time you see the main hallway.