Resident Evil: Director's Cut


Scare factor: 6.5

Fun factor: 7

Replay value: 6

Graphics: 8

Sound: 10 (for classic-ness)

Overall: 8


If you are reading this because you seriously have not played this game before... Then, you are seriously missing out. This game is a classic. And I mean, classic. It even has the b-movie lines and voice acting. It's sort of like playing an 80's zombie low-budget movie. Cue the cult-following!

You start out stuck in a mansion, so you start to explore and try to find another way out of the mansion. How big can the mansion be, right? Well, it turns out, it's comprised of three buildings and there are more hallways and rooms than you can shake a stick at. You might get lost if you're not familiar with the layout of the mansion and its sub-buildings. (However, I don't really have that particular problem...) Anyway, you're in this police division called STARS (I'm not going into the story of STARS, so don't start yawning) and you find out that a member of your team is a traitor! That he secretly lead your trusting team of field-trained police officers into the mansion in order to collect battle data regarding the BOWs (Biological Weapons) crawling around in the mansion! In the end you meet the ultimate baddie, the Tyrant, who was actually named after the virus that created him.

The graphics of this game might seem a bit shabby in comparison with the revamped GC version of the game, (Did I say a little? I meant a lot.), but don't get hung up on it. The graphics are actually very good considering when it was originally released (I mean the original, which pretty much has the same graphics) in 1996. And, I mean, hey, the graphics are still good enough to scare me, so hush! You'll notice that Capcom put effort into trying to make the blood realistic in the game also, and they went out of their way to make the hallway decorations and designs different, (so you're not just looking at the same wallpaper and portraits over and over again). Also, the characters have faces and hand gestures because Capcom was trying to add... Character? The extra effort shows (and swings around comically).

The sound in this game is... Well... Classic. The way that the zombies moan, the barking of the cerbs, and -of course- the voice acting are all sounds that you won't soon forget. The most frightening sound in this game though, by far, would have to be the shrieking sound that the hunters make. It scares me every time... -.-;;

The way this game controls is pretty easy to get used to. But, some people actually end up having a little bit of trouble with, like in all REs, the directions and running. The way that the menu works is very sharp, and you'll notice the difference if you go from an REDC menu to a RE3 menu. Also, in this game, they introduced the "auto-aim" feature. In the original RE, there was no auto-aim. So, you won't waste as much ammo trying to actually hit the zombies. Just like in real-life, eh? Also, in the original RE there are no different difficulties of play, in this version there are. So, that's another reason you might want to get this one instead of trying to find the rare longbox or original jewel cased versions of the game. It's cheaper and it has more features, eh?

I would like to point out -incase you, the reader, doesn't already know- that in this version and in the original version of RE, the opening movie is the same. I know there is an unedited version of the opening movie, but unfortunately, if you pay the extra to obtain the original, you still won't get to see it open up like that when you start a game. Incase, you don't know the difference between the two openings... In the unedited version, there are very bad blood-spurting effects coming out of the cerberus and in the character introduction screen Chris is smoking a cigarette. Why they edited that stuff out, I have no idea. Hey, the label says "M"!

So, anyway, to sum it up... This is a great classic horror game to own. It is a fundamental addition to any collection, preferably without the unfashionable "Greatest Hits" scarred across the front of it, but, play what you can get your hands on before putting in extra time and money to track down other cases. If you don't already have this game or have never played it before and are actually reading this to find out about the game... Go get it already! You're making me twitch!