Resident Evil Code: Veronica


Scare factor: 9 

Fun factor: 7

Replay value: 6.5

Graphics: 10

Sound: 10

Overall: 7.5


When this RE came out, the gfx in it were amazing compared to the previous games which were all released for the PSX, the DC gave more room for detail and realism in the gfx. The first time I played it, I was amazed by the facial expressions and the lighting effects, as well as the way that Claire's ponytail was actually one flowing piece of hair. Wow. And the cinematics in the game were just as revolutionary. The cut-scenes in the game looked like they were on a movie, they tried to use diff gfx tricks to make camera effects on the chars. Like when Claire is in the black jail cell, it shows the shadows black with the bg instead of showing the diff between her face and the bg, which made it seem more realistic because it wasn't like it was a char model against a bg, they were blending flatly how you'd see them through the lens of a video cam. That has to be the most noticeable diff between this game and the other RE games for PSX. Of course, the game also had really good sound and the music was very scary! Another thing that makes the game scary are the new monsters they included in the game, the bandersnatch being the scariest of the lot.

This game, despite all of the good points I may have just made, is not one of my fave REs in the series and I'll tell you why. This game has such a complicated map, you'll never remember wtf you're going. If you stop playing the game for a week and revert back to your saved game, you will have no idea what you were doing last. Don't ask me why, but you just won't. The fact that you HAVE to sit and play through it nonstop for a few days brings down the replay value in my opinion. I believe there are bonus games on the game, but I've never beaten it, so I couldn't tell you. I get so frustrated by this game because I just get so lost. I can remember where I am going in all of the other REs but for some reason this game makes it difficult and so I bring down its ratings.