Resident Evil 2


Scare factor: 9 

Fun factor: 7

Replay value: 6.5

Graphics: 7.5

Sound: 8

Overall: 8


The second Resident Evil... This game takes place actually 24 hrs after the start of RE3. You can choose to start off as either Claire Redfield, who has come to Raccoon City in search of her brother, STARS member, Chris Redfield; or Leon Kennedy, who is a rookie cop for the RPD. It turns out, without anyone noticing, the town has become infested with zombies and other unmentionably horrid monsters. Claire arrives in town and stumbles into Leon and they take off in his cop car together on their way to the RPD. Leon says that it will be safe there and when they are separated, he says for them to meet up there. Depending on who's game you chose, the story will be slightly different. However, at the end of that game, you must play the game over again in the other character's shoes. You get to see all of the missing pieces of the storyline come together and, the second time, the Tyrant is chasing after you throughout the game, which makes it interesting.

The graphics in this game are good. Again, they could have tried to do some more realistic hand-gestures, but overall, the graphics are good. The cinematics graphics were especially good, you could tell they put a lot of effort into them and the inanimate objects (cars, signs) looked especially good. The pre-rendered backgrounds in this game are really detailed. It can be said, though, that all of the bgs in the RE series were well-done.

The sounds in this game were exceptionally creepy. Although, the bg music for the main hall of the police station can get a bit irritating (or maybe it's just that I've played it too much). Again, though, some of the script was written... Oddly. Leon's lines are especially amusing, the way that he is all shy and dopey around Ada. The monsters in this game (particularly the lickers) make scary sounds also. The sound that the lickers make always scares me, especially if you hear it and you know they're around the corner, but you can't see them. Another thing about the sounds in this game that tends to stand out in my mind is when you're in the big office room and you can hear the fan and what sounds like fax-machine sounds. It gives it that much more atmosphere.

Most people think of this as being the best RE game in the series, but I tend to disagree. One of my main dislikes about the game is the fact that you have to play through it twice to complete the game. Even though that is one of the things that most people thought was so cool about the game, I didn't like it so much. It just makes the game seem to sort of drag on.

One of the best parts of the game, however, is the fact that in the second time around, the Tyrant chases you. It's really scary to know that he could pop out of any door or... Wall. And of course, that 2-way mirror in the interrogation room always scares me.

Also, another interesting part of the game is the way that the characters are put together. With this being only the second RE game that Capcom made, you can see that they made the extra effort to improve the "character" given to the characters. You can always sense the characters' motives and they are well-portrayed. And thinking of Chief Irons... You really do get creeped out by that guy. Really. O.o;;

This game is definitely a good addition to a horror-genre collection, however, I tend to favor the first game over the second, contrary to most opinions. A lot of people say that this is the best game in the series, I suppose it just takes an individual opinion on it.