My birth name is Elisha, I'm 28 years old and I live in North Carolina in the USA. I'm a GR reg and I grew up on the internet, video games, and horror movies. Basically, raised by wolves... I like to collect clocks, coffee mugs, and all things Resident Evil. I love to go out and eat breakfast foods, see new horror movies, and go on adventures with my best friends. Maybe you'll see me at a horror convention sometime... :)

The basics:
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Cats!!
Favorite flavor: Grape
My style: Halloween business casual
Favorite TV show: The X-Files
Favorite albums: Silent Hill 3 Akira Yamaoka, Mechanical Animals Marilyn Manson, Merveilles Malice Mizer, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful Paloma Faith, Celebrity Skin Hole
Favorite movies: House on Haunted Hill (both), Audition
Favorite directors: William Malone, Takashi Miike, Alexandre Aja, the Soskas (I like a lot more, but these are my faves)
Favorite actors: Vincent Price, Audrey Hepburn, Geoffrey Rush, Jeffrey Combs
Favorite video games: Resident Evil (original, and GC remake), Silent Hill 3, Killer7, Shadows of the Damned, LA Noire, Bioshock
Favorite console controller: Dreamcast
Holidays: Halloween, Jill Valentine's Day

My facebook page is at and you can email me at either or Also, my XBL gamertag is UmbrellaJill.