Photo Manipulations

The Lazarus Effect Poster
october 2015

In October I entered a contest to do an alternative movie poster design for the movie "The Lazarus Effect". In the contest they had a few photos from the movie to work with and I chose the one with the hands coming from under the door. It didn't have the whole door or a lot of flooring in the image. For the door, I found just a generic wooden door picture that looked similar to the one in the photo. It was a really low quality photo so I found a high res wood grain photo and stamped the texture on top of it basically to make it look better. I put some shadowing around the hands where they met with the door that I added so that it would look like it was on the same photo. Then, to fill in the rest of the flooring I copied and pasted sections of the floor from the photo and used the cloning tool in Photoshop. The poster design had to be HD and to size at 27x40 inches, so I kind of cheated and applied a noise filter on top of it so it would kinda make everything look put-together.

They put a feature about my winning poster on Alternative Movie Posters' website here. I've included some pictures of my feature on the website here. The comments next to my poster are from the film director, who chose the winners.


Westward Circle Manips
June 2008

These are a few profile manips that I did for Westward Circle. There are ones that I dubbed "gloss" because they have really glossy colors and stuff, and ones that I tried to make them look like "dead photos". I did one set of dead photos just very fogged and old looking, and one set that I added a bit of scratchy texture and such to. I think these turned out pretty well, but if I was going to change anything, I would make the names on the gloss photos smaller. Yes, they are watermarked, ya never know...


Creature Feature Manips
November 2007

We didn't really end up with any really clear hq pics from the show, but I did manage to clean a few of them up to where they were useable. I ended up with these few lil graphics that I felt inspired to make. The first two just say "Creature Feature" on them, but the last four are meant to be like profile pic type dealies. Anyway, they are also watermarked cause I know there are some crazy CF fans that will steal them for Myspace or something... Photos were taken originally by partner-in-crime Josh (Myseri).


Heelys advertisement
October 2006

I did a group project for a class and my part of the project was to design a logo for our "advertising company" and I came up with an advertisement that would possibly print in a magazine. We were supposed to be representing Heelys shoes in our advertising campaign.


Movie Posters
RE April 2005/SH December 2005

They did movie poster contests when the 2nd Resident Evil movie came out and when the Silent Hill movie came out. They provided screenshots, images of the logo, and images of the credits. This is what I came up with for the contest.


Blend Battle: Myself vs. Ash
April 2005 - August 2005

A blend battle is basically when one artist does a blend to start off with, then the other artist uses that blend and blends it with their own images to come up with something new. It goes back and forth and (I believe) it's supposed to have 10 rounds. There isn't really a "winner"; it's just for fun! In this battle, I was blending with my friend Ash. I didn't do all of these blends, but it's not quite as fun to only look at the ones that I did. So, I'm including them all here. I did the odd-numbered images starting with the blend of Mana-san. We went up to 9 rounds with this. Pretty fun stuff! Instead of giving the most recent image first, for the blend battle they are going sequential order from left to right.


Blend Battle: Myself vs. Jade
April 2005

It's a shame that I don't have the first piece to this blend battle. We only did 3 rounds (only 1 of them was mine). Here's the 2 images from it that I do have... It seemed like a shame not to post them where they can be displayed and enjoyed, either way... I did the first one (round 2) and Jade did the second one (round 3).


Colorizes from Blend Contests
May 2004 - August 2005

These are some oldies (but goodies!); they're colorizes that I did for blend contests. "Back in the day", blend contest sites would provide black and white images and then artists would "colorize" them. So, basically, these used to be black and white images. They are the best ones I did during that time period. On the Gwen Stefani one, I put lyrics to a Pokemon song... :)


Blends from Blend Contests
May 2004 - March 2005

These are my favorite blends that I did from blend contests. Basically, blend contest sites would provide challenges that would require you to "blend" together images of their or your choosing. You then basically just add whatever effects you want to the images.