Parasite Eve


Scare factor: 8

Fun factor: 9

Replay value: 9

Graphics: 10

Sound: 10

Overall: 9


I got this game when it was first released back when it was $75, I think it was one of the first days of its release. Now you can pick it up for $20 I believe. Quite a find for the price also, if I do say so myself. I remember the commercials "The worse foe lies within the self" I believe they said, but then on the actual game it said something else. I dunno, grand game though it is!

Definitely a good one. Parasite Eve has a deep and complex plot which requires attention much like that of an anime. Parasite Eve has to do with the structure of animal cells and what could possibly happen if they had too much heat and energy. It also has to do with the biological relations of Aya and Eve in the game and the effects it has on their reactions to the energy. This game is really interesting, you have to play it for yourself to know what I mean. The graphics in the game were quite impressive, I can remember, the first time I played it, and they are still quite nice to look at now too. The sounds in the game are really eerie. The bg sounds... It sets a mood for the atmosphere of the game. I also like how you could run around and shoot what you were attacking, but your weapon could only reach so far and such. Added a bit of a challenge to it. The only bad thing, though, is sometimes when you're fighting the fighting area can be a bit cramped in some fights; I think that it is intentionally like that though to add for difficulty. You'll definitely have fun playing through this one! A right masterpiece! ^.^