My Characters

These are profiles for MY characters, they are MINE. I came up with them in MY head. A bit of them all contains a bit of my personality, or how I wish I feel inside at times. They are all very different, which goes to show how multi-faceted my personality is. They are listed in order of creation.

I revamped these pages a few years ago, but I think I may remodel some of the characters to age them a bit at some point. Anyway, if you like my chars, feel free to submit fanart for them. I will post it on the 'donated art' page, thx!

Candy Kazama

Lace Hautley

Tish Dimundbak

Sikle Hamazku

Jeri Kurai

Chigi Utaki

Ina Chigowko

Lindsay Demented

Dashelle Mai

Sudou Kuretsu