Lace Hautley


Name: Lace Hautley (LAIYS HOT-lee)

Age: 28

Height: 5'4"

Race: Human

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Light Blue

Occupation: Assassin

Likes: Pleather, hats, boots, crossword puzzles

Dislikes: Weak people, thigh-high socks that refuse to stay up, non-waterproof mascara


Lace lives with Candy and acts as an older sister to her. They both work for the same corporation. Lace likes to go to clubs though and dance on the weekends and she likes bubbly drinks. Lace can also be caught at home, however, working on crossword puzzles and word puzzles like crazy because she's very talented at things like that.

Char history:

Lace was made up because I'm a freak and I like to draw scantily-clad girls... Anyway, that's really it. She was originally, however, meant to be a demon who grew up in the underworld, or something like that... Anyway, this is what she is now!