Jeri Kurai


Name: Jeri Kurai (Jer-EE Koo-RAH-ee)

Age: 21

Height: 5'2

Race: Human 

Hair color: Orangy-red

Eye color: Light blue

Occupation: Student

Likes: Older men with money, Japanese shoes, Japanese socks,  grape-flavored Hi-Chews, socializing

Dislikes: Curfews, exercising


Jeri is a university student. She likes to socialize and party. She is very good at manipulating other people and always gets what she wants. She is very troubled and doesn't like to be around her family, though.

Char history:

I made up Jeri because all of my other chars appear to be too perfect. Some of them have flaws, but I wanted to make a really flawed character that was always up to no good.