Ina Chigowko


Name: Ina Chigowko (EE-nah Chi-GOW-koh)

Age: 28

Height: 5'

Race: Pink bat

Hair color: Light blue

Eye color: Light green


Likes: Nighttime, solitude, Lotte's blueberry gum, cute stationary, cherry blossoms

Dislikes: Decaffeinated coffee, boring people


Ina is a bat, a creature of the night. Ina also is shy and enjoys time to herself. She has a sort of enchanting elegance to her. She has a strong connection with nature and likes to stare up at the night sky.

Char history:

The inspiration for this char was mainly my exbf. Yes, yes, I know, how pathetic. But, actually, she has become one of my fave chars since I created her. She was my first furry char, so she must be pretty special because of that. I've actually considered changing her colors up a bit and maybe making her yellow? But, it seems like other people like the pink on her. Anyway, isn't she lovely?