November 16, 2015

New update and layout live

I have finished updating the artwork section. I added some to all sections and I even went ahead and added a page for art process shots. So far, I put up the processes behind my Vincent Price painting and my Evil Dead colored pencil drawing. So, if you are curious about the process behind those pieces, then check that out. I also added some to my website portfolio. Just anywhere you see the "new" picture that's where I added something. Hope you like the new layout!

November 1, 2015

Update in the works

Oooooohhh hellloooooooo.... I have been slowly adding new artworks onto the pages over the past year haha. I don't know if anybody noticed or not... But, I'm working on a new layout for the website and going to do an artwork dump here pretty soon in preparation for an art show I have coming up with RAW Artists. If you want to get more information about the show, I have an event page for it on Facebook that you can view here if you like! I am sending an original ACEO drawing to everybody who buys one of the first 20 tickets to the show. So, even if you can't make it to the show, you can still buy a ticket and receive something for your money.

December 12, 2014

We're back home again!

Happy Holidays! As it turns out, I was able to get my old domain name back (surprise, it wasn't turned into a porno site) and as my sister sort of dropped out of the Gravediggers name, so it was a bit weird to end up just being a singular person with a plural URL, so... Here I am! Now, I sort of miss the old name... I like them both now, so it's hard to say which I like more! But, as I feel like there are so many things under one roof, that it almost is more of a "shack". :)

I've been working on a lot of new artwork throughout the year and building up a bit of a portfolio. I have added a lot of new things to the galleries on here. There is still much more to come, I have a lot of paintings to photograph, but as of right now, there is mostly new pencil work and digital work in the galleries. I did add the few MySpace graphics that I did to the extras, as well. And check out the new links off to the right side of the site; these link to other places you can find me on the internet!

I am working on a review of The Evil Within and I definitely have some tips for people playing through the game, so I'm currently debating if those should be in the review or on a seperate page?? Not sure.

I also added a new SH3 wallpaper and I basically reworked the Silent Hill 3 walkthrough. I added solutions to the puzzles for all difficulties, some new boss strategy, some extra info, and a guide for the achievements on HD Collection version of the game. I'm pretty excited that I got that finished; I hope you are too!

The other big news is that I'm on the verge of opening up an Etsy shop, where you can purchase prints of my artwork or originals that I have already done. I am going to figure out a place to implement a way of commissioning pieces and draw up a contract for that, as well. But, for now, if you are interested, feel free to email me at jill_valentine_re2000@yahoo.com and we can start talks of your personal piece and I could begin working on it ASAP. :)

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the oekaki board open. There doesn't seem to be too much interest in oekaki boards nowadays. Maybe it's because of things like deviantart, where it also has a community feel to it. Not sure, but either way. If you are interested in it, let me know, and I'll get back to working on it. But, as of right now, I'm calling it dead.

January 24, 2014

New domain, new mayhem

Let my web-presence be felt once again! There is a lot of new content compared to the latest on the old jills-shack.com update. This update is months of work in. There is a lot of new stuff and I also tried to rearrange, recode, and reorganize a lot of things. I added a bunch to the web portfolio section in the extras link, and I added a section called 'photo manipulations' in the artwork link. Also, two shiny new widescreen wallpapers to feast your eyes on!

I haven't touched the video games section! Sorry! I know a lot of it is old and needs updating, but the rest of the site needed so much work and revamping that it ended up overshadowing the games section.

There is still more to add to it though, I have a lot of pencil drawings to scan, more website graphics to document, a couple of paintings to photograph (and let's not forget my two masks that I need to photograph for the site!), and some video game stuff to update and complete (including a SH3 achievements guide and a SHHomecoming walkthru).

So, sit tight while you wait on the rest of my new stuff to appear and take a look around what's available thus far! Let me know if you run into any broken links, or things that don't work properly.