I still really liked the Tristan Risk layout, but it was time to make a new one. For this one, I was kind of going for something a bit simpler and cleaner looking (without including Utada Hikaru haha). Anyway, I couldn't decide who I wanted to focus my layout on and I really liked this photo of Paloma as one of my top choices and I thought it would look nice in a layout. So, that's what I decided to go with. I may still use one of the other photos in a later layout. The other people I was considering using were Mackenzie Davis, Katherine Ryan, and Noel Fielding. There's always next time, so stay tuned. :)

The main photo of Paloma Faith that I used is from Steve Madden Music.

Jill's Lollipop Shack Version 1: Risky Business

Picture credits go to Black Opal Images for the photo of Miss Risk, GePrek for the curtain, and GraphicRiver for the texture. After much consideration, I decided it would be cool to do a layout featuring Tristan Risk. After looking at some different photos, I decided to use this one. And, I was going for a bit of a retro drive-in movie jukebox feel with the design and the colors. I hope that came across! The links glow when hovered over.

Gravedigger Jill Version 1: Soska

Picture credits go to FortyFPS. So, I'm definitely mixed up in the Soska mania that is floating around on the internet right now. It is contagious, so you may want to keep a distance. I love their style and I love anything that has to do with two sisters because I feel like I can always relate since me and Jade are so close. This is why you may see me post things with Paris and Nicky... Anyways, so I felt like what better way to celebrate the birth of this new creature than to plaster Sylv's great face right on it! I really thought this was a great photo for a layout. I still love it. :)


I moved over to, but this is my first layout back on! So, how did 'Jill's Lollipop Shack' come about, you ask?

The name of the website came from an online community circa a long ass time ago, called I think "CyberTown". And it was basically kind of like "Second Life" where you make yourself and have a virtual world, etc. You had to name your house in the game and I decided to name mine "Jill's Lollipop Shack" since it was sort of like an online identity/role-playing thing that I always associated myself with candy and lollipops in chat and whatnot.

The domain name started out as because I used to chat in the GR (yahoo gameroom:1) and all of the other GR regs came up with their own lil websites because it was kind of neat at the time. Anyway, the website was basically the same as this website is now, a place to put artwork and games related things that I have come up with.

I actually used to have another section for writing where I posted some of my essays and a couple movie reviews. I may put a writing section back up solely for movie-related writing if I have enough time to devote to something like that. People are usually interested to see what I think about horror movies, so we'll see. Something like that may actually work better in the form of a blog type of thing, and my other best friend Josh seems to think that people on the internet would like watching videos of me talking about movies. (funny, right?) So, anyway, we'll see about that...