Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly


Scare factor: 8.5

Fun factor: 9

Replay value: 8

Graphics: 7

Sound: 10

Overall: 8.75


I actually like playing this game more than I like playing SH4. Why's that? I just like the atmosphere of it a lot better. It kind of feels like more of a mystery game than a "omg shoot the ugly monster" game. It is a lot of fun to reveal the storyline throughout the game.

The game starts out in a forest with the 2 sister, Mio and Mayu. Then, for some reason, Mayu starts running off. She follows a red butterfly and then Mio begins following her. After they pass by an enchanted stone, the forest turns black and they're led to a strange village. It is the lost village and you find papers which tell you that there is no way out. Everyone in the village died the night of some ceremony. That night plays over and over again in the village.

Just like in the first Fatal Frame game, you'll use a powerful camera to capture ghosts. There are different types of ghosts, though. There are invisible ones, which you can't even see. You have to look at your meter-thing and see if it's glowing blue or not, then you look around with the camera until you find it. Then there are vanishing ghosts, ones that give you only a small window of time to take their picture. Neither one of these ghosts attack you, but then there are the ones that do attack. While you're attacking, your camera charges up to get more damage. Also, you can upgrade your camera's stats and give it new skills to use. What is frustrating is that the game will auto-aim, but it doesn't always do it. So you bring up your camera with your back to the ghosts thinking it will automatically aim it at them, but it doesn't always. Also, you can't move while you have your camera out. But, in other games you can't move while shooting, as well. So that's not too bothersome.

Also like the first one, this game doesn't have real music. Which, I like. There sometimes is light sounds or music, but not much. So, while you're exploring this creepy old village, all you can hear is your feet creaking on wooden floor boards. Sounds good to me. The voice acting is ok, but it almost seems like the girls have emotionless voices. The other people in the game have pretty good voice acting.

The graphics in this game, like the first one, could have been better. But they're ok. The environments and everything look really good. It's just the characters in the game that don't look as good. The way that they run, or jog, or whatever, doesn't look completely realistic. It's still overall good-looking though. It's not like they're block people. The ghosts are pretty creepy too, they have scary expressions on their faces and some of them move pretty scary-like (lack of better words).

The most interesting part of this game has to be the story. You want to keep playing it to find out what happened next or what went on in the village. To me, story really is one of the most important parts of a game. So, this is a keeper in my eyes. Make what you will of it, but I like this game. I would definitely recommend it. However, I would like to say that it is my belief that this game is not for all tastes. If you don't pay attention to the storylines of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, you may not like this game. If you're like me and love a good storyline and interesting characters, then go out and get this game! Because I like this game more than SH4, I'm giving it a slightly higher rating.