Dino Crisis


Scare factor: 9 

Fun factor: 7

Replay value: 5

Graphics: 8

Sound: 9

Overall: 7


This game was a completely new idea when Capcom first released it. They have now released more dinosaur games. I haven't played any of the newer ones though, just this one. I got this game a bit after it was released and I played it for a good while straight. I got stuck though and I decided to start the game over. But, once again, I got stuck. I haven't played the game since.

The game uses the same gfx quality from the RE games on PSX. So, pretty decent gfx for the PSX capabilities. The opening video is especially impressive. Capcom went pretty far when they were making this game. The thing is though, that (I got stuck) the dinosaurs don't die. You tranquilize them and stuff? How lame. You leave the room and what if you have to go back through it? You have to run from the same dinosaurs over and over again. Especially if you're looking for a key thingie because you can't open this door to follow the doctor in the basement area and... Anyway, yeah, they don't die. I guess that adds to the overall scare factor of the game though, that there are always dinosaurs chasing you. The tyrannosaurus is especially creepy, and the sounds that the dinosaurs make when you walk in a room and you can't see them on the screen but you know they're there are really scary too. Anyway, yeah. I guess this game was good, but just not the best because (I got stuck) there were a few things in it that I didn't like.