Clock Tower SNES


Scare factor: 5.5

Fun factor: 8

Replay value: 5

Graphics: 9

Sound: 6

Overall: 7.5


This is the first Clock Tower game before the release of the PSX Clock Tower. It was released only in Japan, so that's why the storyline of the first one on PSX starts off with backstory. The backstory comes from this, the true first Clock Tower.

I got the rom for this game from a friend of mine and I started playing it. It's actually a pretty fun game, too. It starts off and you're Jennifer Simpson at a woman named Mary's house. You're with a group of friends and Mary disappears. You leave to see if you can find her, the lights go out, and your friends are gone! You watch your friends die one by one in the game. And it's actually pretty neat because depending on which way you go in the game, they will die in different ways. Also, true to the first and second PSX Clock Tower games, there are various endings that you can get, depending on how far you get in the game.

The 2D graphics in this game are very detailed and well-done. It's a side-scroller and you explore different rooms in Mary's mansion. The colors are beautiful and it's just... Nice to look at. Different hallways are different colors and there are paintings and statues put up. Also, Jennifer's face changes in the corner of the screen depending on how tired she is. Like in the 1st and 2nd PSX CT games, if you have enough energy, sometimes you can dodge or avoid an attack. To regain energy, you have to sit down for a while (a long while). Also, if you're talking to someone, you'll see their picture in the corner of the screen.

The sound in this game changes like in the other games, when you're being chased. In this game, you're chased by the "Edward's" twin brother, Bobby. Also, while you're exploring, sometimes things will fall down or jump out at you and it's actually pretty startling. And, just like in the other Clock Towers, the baddie finds ways to jump out of things and scare you. I wish that there was creepy music during the other parts of the game, but I suppose the no-music thing worked pretty well for CT and CT2 on PSX.

This game plays out pretty well. I wish that Jennifer would walk more quickly in the game though because if you run, it uses up your energy. Also, sitting down takes forever to regain energy. I guess it's good that I played the rom and not the actual game (you can't ff the real one, eh?). Also, sometimes it seems like there is a shortage of places to hide, but then again, it was like that in Clock Tower 3 also.

It would seem that Human put a lot of effort into this game, so it makes me wonder why they didn't release it  besides Japan. If you can get your hands on this game, give it a try and you'll end up spending quite a while in front of the screen playing. And you might even get scared a few times, eh? ^.^