Clock Tower


Scare factor: 8

Fun factor: 9

Replay value: 10

Graphics: 7

Sound: 7

Overall: 8


Ok, you're probably thinking right now "An 8 for Clock Tower?!", but I really am very fond of this game. It has to be one of my favorites. These reviews, remember, are all my opinions. My opinion of Clock Tower is a very good one. Sure, it's an old game. Sure, it's not very long. Whatever, it's a really good game!

Anyway, it turns out there's a guy killing people using a pair of giant scissors and he's chasing you throughout the game. You can lose him by hiding or by hitting him with something and running. Also, if he catches you, you can push buttons fast and sometimes you'll hit him and run, but it uses up your life. You can play as either Helen or Jennifer depending on how you play out the beginning of the game. You then get to switch characters for a chapter and then get back to the original characters for the last one. The graphics are decent for being an old PSX game; I guess you have to take that into account. The only problem with this game is the scrolling when it says something on the screen. The words are really slow and sometimes it can get a bit annoying. This game definitely has replay value though, I've played it about a million times. I love it! One of the best.