Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within


Scare factor: 9

Fun factor: 8

Replay value: 6

Graphics: 8

Sound: 10

Overall: 7


This game is NOT as good as the first one. You've probably already heard that before though, haven't you? Well, let's see... This game starts off and you have a young girl chasing you around the house with a knife, ok, that's pretty creepy. The second level has zombies, which is lame. Then the third level has Ghosthead, who is a wannabe Scissorman, still scary though! Another thing in this game is the samurai who can end up following you later on in the game if you give him the right kind of interaction in the first level of the game.

In this game you can get guns and things like that to defend yourself with, mostly you  just need them for the zombies. This could have been a good addition, I guess, but I didn't really think so. I didn't think that the zombies were a good addition, so I certainly didn't think that the weapon needed to kill them was necessary. I mean, I REALLY didn't like the zombies. You weren't really running and hiding from them the same way you were from everything else because it was possible to kill them. And it seems like they're everywhere. It's just... Annoying.

I think that the child and Ghosthead followed the same formula as the first Clock Tower though, they were enemies that you had to run from and outsmart and they can't be killed, giving the feeling of inescapability. What makes the Ghosthead extra creepy is the fact that you can hear his knife-hoody-doody dragging against the ground as he follows you, similar to the scissor movement. The samurai can be really scary also because you kind of forget that he's following you until he appears out of nowhere in the level.

The replay value of this game seriously goes down because of the zombies. I mean, why would you want to play it again if you have to get through that annoying second level?! >.<;; I can't stand it. Anyway, the bottom line is that they game is good, but not AS GOOD as the first PSX version. It was a classic. Why did they get rid of the Scissorman?! *cries*