Chigi Utaki


Name: Chigi Utaki (Chee-JHEE OO-tah-kee)

Age: 24

Height: 4'11

Race: Half-elf (druid)

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Ruby (I know she's sposed to have green eyes, but... I dunno...)

Occupation: Upholding the balance between nature and animals

Likes: Nature, life, inner peace

Dislikes: Liars, processed meat


Chigi grew up in the forest among animals and the love for family and closeness. Chigi continues to find that which will give her an inner peace with herself, as she still cannot seem to find that balance with herself and nature. She still doesn't feel completely at peace and wishes to discover what will give her that certain feeling of love from within. She is a very wise and spiritual person beyond her years, but still has a sense of humor also.

Char history:

I made up Chigi for use in a new game of D&D, but I never got around to actually making her a part of the game, so I mainly just draw her and stuff like that. Umm... Her name in Japanese means "earth goddess" I believe. However, I have taken it and changed the pronunciation of it. Her name, Chigi, is pronounced "Chee-JHEE" like Audrey Hepburn's character Gigi, only it's Chigi, you see. I think that it's a very pretty name like that.