Boku wa Shiranai Comics

"Boku wa Shiranai" is the name of a series of comics made by myself (Jill) and Dawn Washington (Big Red). These comics are based on actual things that occured in our lives and our inside jokes. The name Boku wa Shiranai comes from the Gackt MGS2 commercial where he says it all hott-like. Anyway, roughly it means "I'm strange".

I hope that the comics are funny to you and after a few I think you'll begin to catch on to the way that we think.

This project is officially closed; however, I was thinking of starting up a new comic series because these are still pretty funny to me.

Click on the title of the comic to view it. Newest ones are towards the top.

RE Series: "Who's Barry talking to?"

As you can see, this is the part of the game when Jill overhears Barry talking to a mysterious person who we have no idea who it is!! OMG suspenseful!! Anyway, yeah... There I am, trying to concentrate... >.<;; I'm like "Who's a family man? Oh well... Better think about Chris some more!"

RE Series: "Jill sandwich"

This one is pretty funny!! XD! See, there I am trying to lockpick my way out of the room. It's that one room where the roof starts closing in on Jill, remember? Anyway, then Dawn, "Barry", decides to type the door down in "Typing of the Dead" fashion. Then Emeril sprinkles some Essence on the door to give it an extra BAM! so that it falls down! Then, Barry pulls me out with his "strong hand" and after I fall on top of him all I can stare at is his "family man" stomach!! Eww! Genius!

RE Series: "What a Mansion"

Here is the comic for when they first enter the mansion. You can see most of the lines are the same because I think they do a pretty good job of making fun of themselves... Not that that's a bad thing! I love it! So anyway, yeah, I changed the lines a little bit, like how Jill says "That's what I was going to say". She says that, it seems like, a million times in the game, so that's why I put it there.

RE Series: "Character intoductions"

Here's the character intro sequence. You can see all the main char designs... Well, except for Rebecca Chambers, or rather, what's-her-face. Nobody cares about Rebecca. Anyway, so yeah, I decided to let the Giant Penguin take her spot instead. Comedy gold.

RE Series: "Opening part 2"

Here's the second part to the opening of the original RE. Here you can see me, Jill, saying "Joseph" without moving my mouth... Of course. And then me getting excited about brown again. And of course Brad flies off in the helicopter and since I don't like that, the Giant Penguin is gonna eat him! Yes, the Giant Penguin. Fear the Penguin!

RE Series: "Opening part 1"

Well, this is the beginning of the original RE. Basically, as you can see, Dawn is Barry and I am Jill. Dawn has a big fat stomach because Barry is a "family man", so yeah. Basically, we are finding Bravo's helicopter, and no one's in it and then you have Joseph being attacked by a cerberus. If you can't read Chris's bubble, it says "I guess she wasn't just trying to distract and rape me... again O.o;;". Good stuff.


Not really much to say about this one is there?? Dawn drew and colored it, I suppose I should have put one of those "Big Red" stamps on it... Cute and funny!

"Ton on your shoulder"

This was drawn when I was still with Nathan "Ton" and Dawn did it with like a Chris Redfield on my shoulder and a tonberry on his shoulder because it's 2 things that we liked a lot and whatnot.

"Nose olives"

This is your brain on crack... Dawn really did this! She stuck olives up her nose one night at her dinner table and decided to draw a comic about it, beautiful, just beautiful... *teary eye*

"Re what?!"

Wow, this comic sure is bright... Anyway, this is like a normal conversation that me and Dawn are having and she's trying to be serious with me and all I can think about is RE and there I am at the end with a picture of Chris Redfield in my mouth, drooling. *blush* If you talk to me, then you know this sort of thing happens.


Ahh... More of the brown jokes! Me and Dawn had decided to do a comic where everything was brown when we were walking to school and everything was supposed to be normal, but it wasn't. Here's that comic!!

"Mar guy"

This is basically about me stalking this guy at our school mysteriously, or not so mysteriously, called "Mar guy". As you can plainly see, I accidentally drew a black line across the top of the comic... Anyway, he's wearing his orange pants, actually he has a couple diff pairs of them... Haha! Had to exaggerate the orange when he's running away, you can see like a stream of orange. And then you can see that his hair is always "swoosh"ing whenever you see him. Oh! And he's all like "Uhh my name's Joe, k thx" because he told Dawn "Uhh my name's Joe" when she had first met him and called him "Mar guy"!

For anyone who is actually curious, I got the name Mar guy from Mar in CGR because he has the same-looking hair... When I first saw this guy at my school it reminded me of him.

"Boob mastah"

This basically started because I started calling myself the "RE mastah" (Resident Evil master) and then me and Dawn decided that she could be the "boob mastah" (breast master) since she has big boobies. This comic has me and her and I'm like all showing off with my RE mastah cape and her boobs just keep getting bigger in every frame, kinda like in the Noah's ark comic on Not sure if that website is even still up or not, but yeah. In the frame where you see me in the very back, I'm saying "My boobies are all gone" and where you see writing under my arm it says "NO boobies". Yes, I've talked to Dawn about her handwriting too. :P

"Jonah's bacon"

Haha! This is probly one of the funniest ones that I did! Basically the joke started one day in the GR. Someone had said something about me and Jonah, they said that he wanted my "American pie" and that I wanted his "Canadian bacon". Ever since then, me and Dawn kinda had this inside joke with it.

We made a comic about it and it's basically us in the supermarket and I see some Canadian bacon and I get the whole drooling thing going on and stuff and you can see Jonah's little thought bubble saying "I like brown" because we used to say that kind of thing all the time. Me, Dawn, and Jonah all kinda started this brown joke in the GR and everywhere else. We use brown to replace other words in our normal speech and we talk about brown like it's an emotion, a food, ect. We'll describe something as being "brown". And, no folks, we don't mean poopie; we mean simply brown.

"Fun Fruits"

Ok! Dawn came up with this one pretty much completely on her own. We don't have any inside jokes about wearing strange fruit costumes (believe it or not!). hehe! So anyway, we spent the night at her house and we wake up and are looking for breakfast. We look at this bowl of fruit and then for some reason we both imagine ourselves in fruit costumes. Then, of course, there's me at the end drooling at the bagels. Always drooling...

"Licking Gackt"

This comic was done because Dawn was over at my house one time and I just started to rub my spit all over the computer monitor while we were watching Gackt videos. The video where she finally caught me doing it on was with the "Kimi no tameni dekiru koto". Ever since then, me and Dawn would rub our spit all over things with Gackt, Chris Redfield, ect. I hope this description helps you to understand the comic and the joke behind it!